MDT Launched for Use with ZWCAD


APLITOP, a leading software company specializing in the development of Surveying and Civil Engineering, announced today the launch of a new low-cost complete solution for use on all types of Surveying and Civil Engineering projects: MDT for ZWCAD. Among the users that might benefit are public administrations, construction companies, engineering studios and town planning departments, mines and quarries, and independent professionals.
MDT is a modular application which is powerful and easy to use, as well as being fully integrated with ZWCAD. Based on a file of coordinates captured by any total station or GPS, a surface, contours or mesh may be generated. Horizontal and vertical alignment may be defined using a polyline, numerical data or a LandXML file. Once these have been established, longitudinal and transversal profiles of the terrain may be calculated and drawn. MDT Professional also allows templates to be defined from which we can calculate and draw cut and fill volumes, as well as the layout of cross-section points and site control. There are also multiple result presentation options, including the customising of plans and listings, exporting to Google Earth and other formats, realistic project presentation, animation etc.




“MDT was originally developed in order to work with AutoCAD using ADS/ARX,” Said Francisco Navarrete Mandly, Programming Manager of APLITOP, “Migration to ZWCAD using ZDS/ZRX libraries has been surprisingly quick, with highly efficient technical support and the product has passed successfully all quality controls.”
APLITOP now is an authorized member of ZWCAD Developer Network (ZDN). You can know more about MDT and other applications available for ZWCAD at

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