Mustad Longline Uses SolidWorks to Exponentially Increase Productivity


SolidWorks® software is helping a Norwegian company design and produce environmentally friendly fishing equipment fast enough to meet customer demands.

Mustad Longline is the world’s largest manufacturer of longline fishing equipment, which is an alternative to environmentally destructive bottom trawling nets. Mustad Longline, launched in 1972, revolutionized and automated longline fishing practices that had been performed by hand for hundreds of years. Today, the company employs 60 people and holds more than 90 percent of the world longline market share.

SolidWorks enables Mustad engineers to drive new product development and modification more efficiently than they could with their previous design software, according to Mustad Longline Product Developer Geir Rogne.

“Our engineers were working with 2D CAD software, and they had a hard time keeping up with the productivity we required. We needed to figure out a solution other than hiring more and more engingeers,” Rogne said. ”With SolidWorks, we can now produce more than we could before. It’s an amazing difference, and it’s not just the speed that has improved. The accuracy has been much better, and we can now skip one phase of testing and move directly from prototype to manufacturing.”

The SolidWorks family of solutions are woven into Mustad’s product development process from design through production. The company designs its entire product line, including fishing lines, baiting machines, line haulers, and cleaners, with SolidWorks CAD software. Mustad’s engineers simulate their designs in SolidWorks to identify collisions and interferences, enabling them to make corrections early in the process. Correcting errors before they reach production cuts cost and time from the development process. SolidWorks Enterprise PDM stores all of Mustad’s design data, provides version control, and enables engineers to quickly find and reuse existing designs. The company uses 3DVIA Composer to produce instruction manuals and other supporting documents directly from CAD models. That saves the step of re-creating the CAD models manually in a graphics application, accelerating time to market.

“Predicting and correcting errors, simulating a design’s operation, re-using information, producing accurate documentation quickly ... those tasks can make the product development process faster, more accurate, and profitable given the right tools,” said Simon Booker, vice president of marketing for EMEA at Dassault Systèmes SolidWorks Corp. ”SolidWorks gives Mustad all of those functions and more in an integrated environment so they can focus on innovation and creativity instead of process.”