Delcam programs to be Designated Software for China National NC Competition


A number of Delcam programs, including PowerMILL, PowerSHAPE and FeatureCAM, have been selected as the Designated CADCAM Software for the finals of the fourth China National Numerical Control Skills Competition to be held in Guangzhou later this year.  The choice of Delcam software was unanimously approved by the technical experts organizing the Competition.  They believed that the systems will provide an excellent teaching platform to train the students.

The finals of this year’s competition will differ from previous events in that the contestants will be assessed on their skills in five-axis machining.  This was an important part of the decision to choose Delcam’s PowerMILL as the Designated Software.  The system’s wide range of multi-axis machining strategies will allow the contestants to maximize the potential of their machines, while the automatic collision avoidance function will ensure the safety of the machine tools and workpieces.  Another important benefit for the students will be PowerMILL’s integrated machining simulation that will allow them to view their results on the computer and so enable them to understand better the whole manufacturing process.

"We are delighted that PowerMILL has been selected for the NC Skills Competition,” commented Joe Zhou, Delcam’s Business Development Manager for China.  "We fully support the new direction of multi-axis machining technology for this year’s event and will spare no effort in providing support for the participants.  Increasing knowledge of five-axis machining is an important part of developing highly-skilled personnel that can improve China’s advanced manufacturing technology and contribute to the future of China’s manufacturing industry.”

Delcam has supported China’s education system continuouslysince the company first entered the Chinese market more than 10 years ago.  Delcam’s CADCAM software is now used in more than 200 engineering universities, vocational colleges, and art and design colleges, for teaching, student training and research.  These include leading establishments such as Tsinghua University, Beijing University of Aeronautics, Shanghai Jiaotong University, Hunan University, South China University of Technology, Beijing Industrial Technician College, Shanghai Industrial Technical School, and Guangzhou Electrical and Technical Institute.  

The company has introduced high-speed machining, multi-axis machining, composite processing and many other advanced CADCAM technologies to both teachers and students.  As well as supplying software, Delcam has provided senior technical personnel to assist many educational sites.

Delcam software is warmly welcomed by both students and teachers because it is easy to learn and to use.  It is widely used by many of the leading manufacturers in China, meaning that students who have learnt the software find it easier to gain employment in industry after they have completed their courses.

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