Delcam to run CADCAM for Orthotics and Prosthetics day


Delcam will run another of its popular CADCAM for Orthotics and Prosthetics courses at the company’s Birmingham headquarters on Wednesday 29th September.  The course is approved by BAPO and can be used as evidence of CPD.  It will provide a useful introduction to the use of computer technology in the design and manufacture of orthotics and prosthetics to any practitioner that is looking to replace traditional methods.

The day will include demonstrations of the latest versions of the Delcam’s software for the design and manufacture of orthotics and orthopaedic footwear, and its iQube 3D scanner for the capture of data for orthotics design.  A speaker from Algeos will present the latest developments in materials for orthotics.

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Delcam’s orthotics software helps to increase productivity, profitability and patient satisfaction, both for those prescribing or manufacturing custom devices to help diabetic or rheumatoid patients, and for practitioners working to correct abnormalities caused by a biomechanical miss-alignment of the musco-skeletal system.  The software has been developed in association with laboratories, podiatrists and orthotists from around the world, together with the knowledge of footwear design and manufacture that has been gained within Delcam from its relationships with leading brands such as Nike and Reebok.  It replaces the expensive, slow and messy casting process with a simple, non-contact digital solution.

The 2010 versions of Delcam’s OrthoModel and OrthoMill software for, respectively, the design and manufacture of custom orthotic insoles, include enhancements that will enable the design of a broader range of orthotics and more efficient manufacture of those designs.  Within OrthoModel, more functions have been added to adapt for individual patients the range of standard base models supplied with the software.  The extra shaping tools allow whole-model editing of the standard designs so that the desired modifications can be completed quickly and easily.

The most significant addition in OrthoMill is the ability to "batch” machining calculations.  This allows the operator to input designs for a number of orthotics, either to be cut from a single block or from several pieces of material.  The software can then generate all the required toolpaths in a continuous series of calculations.  The process can even be carried out overnight, to give maximum productivity for the programmer.

The iQube scanner has also been developed in association with Delcam’s panel of orthopaedic, podiatric and orthotics experts to ensure that it provides a suitable solution for foot-care specialists and their patients.  The iQube is based on scanning technology developed for the aerospace industry and so is extremely fast and accurate.  It allows high quality, full colour, 3D images to be produced in approximately three seconds.  The data collected is accurate to within 0.4mm.  This ensures that the laboratory can produce a right-first-time orthotic that will put the patient on the recovery path as quickly as possible.

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