netfabb Cloud - a free web-based STL repair tool!


netfabb GmbH proudly presents netfabb Cloud Services, an advanced and easy to use online application of netfabb's STL repair capabilities.

cloud service - free web based file fixing

netfabb Cloud Services is our next free product for the world of 3D Printing, Rapid Prototyping and Additive Manufacturing. With netfabb Cloud Services you can automatically analyse, check and repair your STL files for free. It extends the functionality of the free netfabb Studio Basic by some enhanced repair capabilities otherwise only available in netfabb Studio Professional.

netfabb Cloud Services can be used from any web browser running on any platform and any operating system, including Windows, Apple Mac OS and Linux. The file repair capabilities of netfabb Cloud are also available "on the go" in the netfabb Mobile iPhone application to enabling you to download, check and repair files from your iPhone.

This is it - you can now get your files repaired with no need to purchase or learn any file repair software. Just go to and try it out today!

netfabb Cloud Services is powered by netfabb Cloud Solutions, a server based business solution for automatic handling of large volumes of 3D data. It has been created to enhance the quality of repaired files, response time and quoting while reducing the amount of manual interaction. netfabb Cloud Solutions save time and money and allow for more than 95% of corrupt files to be repaired without any manual intervention. The remaining 5% can be easily processed with netfabb Studio Professional.

netfabb Cloud Solutions is a powerful tool for service providers. For example, Shapeways use it on their website under the name Mesh Medic.

If you are running a service bureau, you might like to offer similar services on your own site and automatically connect uploaded files with quoting and quality management. In that case, netfabb Cloud Solutions can be installed on your server to take care of exactly that. Please feel free to contact me at anytime to discuss how you can take advantage of the netfabb Cloud Solutions in your business.