TurboCAD Pro 17 image wins first runner up in lightworks rendering competition


IMSI/Design®, the developer of the #1 best-selling CAD in retail, TurboCAD, announced today that a TurboCAD Pro 17 image created by Brad Easterday from Dean3Design (, based in Boise, Idaho was named the first runner up in the latest Lightworks rendering competition.

Lightworks is the world’s leading supplier of rendering solutions to developers of advanced 3D computer graphics software. Their competition is open to users of all Lightworks-based applications, including TurboCAD Deluxe, TurboCAD Pro, and TurboCAD Pro Platinum software for Windows.

Easterday’s Glasses image was created with TurboCAD Pro 17 using Image Based Lighting and a fixed Cube Global Environment, together with Easterday’s own HDR images assigned to the environment. “What I discovered is that just about any technique that can be used in conventional photography can, on some level, be accomplished in TurboCAD,” says Easterday. “In fact, there is an added ability to bend the laws of physics.” Easterday used a technique known as Dark Field Lighting to create his HDR image. There are no other lights in the scene, allowing him to light the Glasses by positioning the environment cube alone.

This award comes on the heals of Easterday’s release of SOFTBOX (HDRI) for TurboCAD, a library of over 700 studio-style High Dynamic-Range Images (HDRI) designed to help the TurboCAD user produce professional renderings with minimal lighting setup time, now available from (