Delcam helps University of Birmingham to Formula Student success


Delcam’s Tooling Services Division helped students from the University of Birmingham to the best Formula Student Germany result in the University’s history, where they finished as the leading UK team.  The Division machined a number of components for the car, including a new throttle body designed by the students as part of an improved air intake and exhaust system.

Each of the designs supplied by the team was used to create five-axis machining toolpaths in Delcam’s PowerMILL CAM system by the Tooling Services CADCAM Office.  They were machined on the Division’s Mazak Variaxis, one of a number of five-axis machines within Delcam’s unique in-house manufacturing service, and then inspected on the Poli CMM with the PowerINSPECT inspection software. 

Formula Student is an annual engineering design competition, challenging students from universities around the world to design, build, develop and race single-seater racing cars.  It has become recognised as a very effective proving ground for student engineers, where they can develop not just their design and engineering abilities but also skills in teamwork, management of people, time and money, marketing and project planning.

2010 marked the University’s thirteenth year in the competition, with a team comprising 22 undergraduate mechanical and electronic engineering students.  Many of the students used their work on the car as the basis for their final year project.

Delcam’s support for the Formula Student team is part of a long-term relationship with the Engineering Department at the University.  Students have been trained in the company’s software as part of their degree courses for many years, and the two organisations have collaborated on a number of research projects.  Several Delcam staff, including Managing Director Clive Martell, are alumni of the University.

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