SolidCAM bypasses IMTS for product launches delivered directly to customers


SolidCAM North America announced a radically new concept in reaching and educating the manufacturing public about the benefits of integrated CAD/CAM systems through the use of technology and strategic business partnerships. SolidCAM has partnered with Modern Machine Shop for the individual delivery of 103,000 Digital Video Data disks that contain video and specification data on the features and benefits of using CAM systems that run right inside both SolidWorks and Autodesk Inventor. This unique “To Their Door” delivery includes a two pronged approach with 87,000 DVD’s being packaged with the September Issue of Modern Machine Shop. The second distribution includes 15,000 DVD’s being delivered directly to IMTS show attendees packaged with The IMTS Show daily publication as well as the September issue of Modern machine Shop. SolidCAM has also partnered with Richard Petty Driving Experience to offer an additional incentive for people to check out the DVD and browse the contents by offering a chance to win a drive in a NASCAR race car at over 20 racetracks nationwide.

“There are several factors that contributed to our decision to do the DVD “To Their Door” delivery instead of actually attending the IMTS show in Chicago”, Dr. Emil Somekh, Founder and Managing Director of SolidCAM commented, “The first is that we realize that not all people can afford to attend an expensive show like IMTS. With tightened budgets, increasingly severe deadlines and decreased workforces, IMTS is simply beyond the reach of many of the people who would benefit most from our products and technology. The second reason is that we have new products to release that go well beyond what can be shown in a brief booth visit.”

These products include the new SolidCAM/InventorCAM Xpress software, the newest member of the popular SolidCAM/InventorCAM family of CAM software products -- the world's Leading CAM software integrated directly into SolidWorks and Inventor. Based on the full SolidCAM Suite of CAD/CAM solutions, SolidCAM Xpress is the new, surprisingly affordable choice for anyone to experience the power, time savings and accelerated learning curve of integrated CAM. Priced at just $1,595, SolidCAM Xpress includes the most popular 2.5d Milling operations and 3D surface machining functionality. SolidCAM Express truly sets the standard for “power to price”.

The advantages of SolidCAM Xpress do not end simply with the unbeatable price. Since SolidCAM Xpress is based entirely on the full SolidCAM solution:

  1. Unlike other low cost CAM products that result in a dead-end when it comes to Advanced Geometry Programming, Multi-axis milling, Mill-Turn or Wire EDM machine programming, SolidCAM is completely scalable for all CNC machine types. Customers won’t outgrow SolidCAM, so this is the last CAM solution they will ever need to purchase.
  2. Users will be getting a head-start as they get up to speed in SolidCAM Xpress, adding modules or applications is just an extension of what they already know.
  3. The money paid for SolidCAM Xpress can even be put towards advanced modules, so customers can grow at their own pace without worrying about a financial hit if they don’t buy advanced packages upfront.

Dr. Somekh continued, “Our other new product, iMachining, is a Revolution in CNC Machining that actually delivers on the promises of several other CAM products’ that offer “intelligent tool path generators” with the first real breakthrough in Tool path technology that allows cutting 2 to 3 times faster and deeper by optimizing tool engagement and speed through the entire tool path. No smoke, no mirrors, no NASA produced Machine tools and cutters, manufacturers can use their existing equipment to run faster and deeper with even the smallest tools in the hardest materials while also saving on tool and machine wear. The first system of its kind to synchronize the machine, end mill, material, and toolpath together in one CAM system.

Unlike other systems that leave the user guessing with a stockpile of broken cutters, iMachining comes complete with a Technology wizard that provide users with an experienced partner in determining speeds and feeds and other machining parameters to get the most performance possible out of their existing equipment. iMachining is the completely intelligent system that adjusts automatically to material, geometry, cutters, and machine tool capability to lead the user through the entire operation, eliminating the trial and error approach (and endless broken cutters feeding that stockpile) of adjusting and optimizing parameters at the machine. Since in recent years, there have been unsupported claims by similar products, we know we will have to absolutely verify our product works, again something that can’t be done in a brief booth visit at IMTS, especially since they regrettably do not actually allow Machine Tools in the CAM Software pavilion.”

Shaun Mymudes, SolidCAM’s Sales Manager in the America’s added, “Our goal is to use technology to find faster and more efficient ways for our customers to be more successful. It only makes sense that we applied this same philosophy in getting our new product information directly out to the machine shops instead of relying on them to come to us at IMTS in an expensive, time consuming huge sea of products each desperately fighting for a brief moment of face time.  

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