SolidCAM Launches SolidCAM Xpress


SolidCAM North America announced the new product release of SolidCAM Xpress software, the newest member of its popular SolidCAM family of CAM software products -- the world's Leading CAM software, integrated directly into SolidWorks. SolidCAM Xpress is the new, surprisingly affordable choice for anyone to experience the power, time savings and accelerated learning curve of integrated CAM. Priced at just $1,595, SolidCAM Xpress includes the most popular 2.5D milling operations and 3D Mill surfacing machining functionality. SolidCAM Express truly sets the standard for “power to price”.

Pocket operations in SolidCAM Xpress 

Surface machining with SolidCAM Xpress

The advantages of SolidCAM Xpress do not end simply with the unbeatable price. Since SolidCAM Xpress is based entirely on the full SolidCAM solution:

  1. Unlike other low cost CAM products that result in a dead-end when it comes to Advanced Geometry Programming, Multi-axis milling, Mill-Turn or Wire EDM, SolidCAM is completely scalable for all CNC machine applications. Customers won’t outgrow SolidCAM, so this is the last CAM solution they will ever need to purchase.
  2. Users will be getting a head-start as they get up to speed in SolidCAM Xpress, adding modules or applications is just an extension of what they already know.
  3. The money paid for SolidCAM Xpress can even be put towards advanced modules, so customers can grow at their own pace without worrying about a financial hit if they don’t buy advanced packages upfront.

Dr. Emil Somekh, President and Founder of SolidCAM explains, “For nearly ten years as a SolidCAM Gold Partner we have seen firsthand that once a CAM programmer has experienced creating tool paths directly inside their SolidWorks CAD system, they never want to go back to a standalone CAM system ever again. They can fly through their familiar SolidWorks program and have powerful CNC programming functions right at their fingertips. SolidCAM also eliminates many of the headaches associated with moving files between different CAD/CAM systems as file translation issues are completely eliminated. Customers tell us that one of their favorite features is our auto tool path updates for design changes. This function completely eliminate the need to start over when someone changes the SolidWorks CAD model. As a result, customers can realize the benefits of 3D Parametric part design where their design changes instantly flow right down to their CNC machines”. “We understand the challenges facing manufacturers in today’s world, and have created SolidCAM Xpress to address these challenges head-on”, continued Dr. Somekh. “Since budgets are extremely tight and everyone is forced to do more with less, SolidCAM Xpress is the painless way to enter the world of SolidWorks Integrated CAM, without a large monetary investment or fear of wasting a lot of time learning a new system. With SolidCAM Xpress, it is just another way to take an existing tool like SolidWorks and open up an entirely new capability for it to program their CNC machines.”


SolidCAM Xpress will also open up new opportunities in the way CAM packages, upgrades, post processors and training are purchased. Along with an extensive library of free tutorial videos, SolidCAM Xpress is offered directly through SolidCAM’s website, as well as through SolidCAM’s extensive world-wide reseller network. Dr. Somekh commented, “In this age, customers have diverse needs when it comes to how they get information, make purchases and get up to speed with new programs. We offer them the choice of traditional information gathering, training and purchase experience, or if they prefer, we have created a complete internet based buying opportunity. SolidCAM Xpress is all about choices, so it was only natural for us to create options for purchase as well.”


Shaun Mymudes, Sales Manager of SolidCAM Americas explained, "Our Direct Sales Team and Resellers in the Americas believe that SolidCAM Xpress will be very valuable for SolidWorks users at all levels of manufacturing. They can easily start with SolidCAM Xpress, with its advantages of ease of use, painless price and full seamless integration in SolidWorks, and as their CAM needs grow, they can add more SolidCAM power, as needed. We believe that there is an excellent market for SolidCAM Xpress in the Americas". To learn more about SolidCAM Xpress, or to download a copy of the software, please visit the SolidCAM Website at:

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