Austin Energy Selects Autodesk Utility Design Software to Optimize Facility and Network Design


Autodesk, Inc. (NASDAQ:ADSK), a world leader in 3D design, engineering and entertainment software, today announced that Austin Energy has selected Autodesk Utility Design (AUD) as their distribution design solution. The Autodesk Utility Design solution will interface with the utility’s Geographic Information System (GIS) software, enabling Austin to optimize its CAD-based facility and network design using more accurate data and smoother processes.

“AUD supports standard engineering rules and calculations as well as Austin Energy’s specific utility standards”

“Austin Energy sought to replace their existing distribution design software with a CAD-based solution that will enable them to leverage existing AutoCAD software investment and skills,” said Alan Saunders, senior industry manager, utilities, at Autodesk. “Selecting AUD will help their 40 distribution designers to standardize designs, control costs, and enhance productivity.”

Austin Energy

The nation’s ninth-largest community-owned electric utility, Austin Energy serves approximately 400,000 customers in the Texas capital and surrounding county. Austin Energy is noted for its industry-leading renewable-energy, smart grid, and green building programs, and generates up to 2,600 megawatts of electricity through a diverse mix of energy sources. As a publicly-owned power company and a city department, Austin Energy returns profits to the community annually, funding city services and amenities.

Smart Grids Require Smart Design

One of the challenges Austin Energy faced in choosing a design solution arose from them being a department of the City of Austin. Austin Energy had been using GE Smallworld GIS software, while the City of Austin was using ESRI GIS software. Since AUD can more easily and accurately integrate data from both of those systems, Austin Energy chose AUD so its designers could have better access to the relevant information they need in order to create smart designs.

Autodesk Utility Design replaces a system that was disconnected from GIS and other key systems within Austin Energy. With AUD, Austin Energy will be able to bridge its multiple GIS platforms while leveraging its existing AutoCAD footprint and talent-- making it a more economical, safe and flexible choice.

Uniting Design Inputs and Processes

Autodesk Utility Design software was also chosen for tools that help speed and simplify layout, sizing, documentation and analysis. “AUD supports standard engineering rules and calculations as well as Austin Energy’s specific utility standards,” said Saunders.

In addition to providing direct access to GIS data, AUD enables developer drawings and other external inputs to be imported more easily. AUD also automatically generates cost estimates and bills of material, so designers have information they need connected to a foundation of rules and standards.

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