Delcam launches dental scanners for high-accuracy restorations


Delcam has extended its range of hardware for the healthcare industry with the launch of two dental scanners, both fully integrated with the company’s DentCAD software for the design of dental restorations.  Both of the Delcam iMetric scanners use the latest generation of white-light 3D scanning technology, combined with precision calibration, to provide highly accurate data.  The high level of accuracy ensures that the resulting restorations require minimum hand finishing and fit perfectly to the patient.

Both of the new Delcam iMetric scanners include easy-to-use software to manage the capture of the data.  They produce a preview of the model after scanning so that any areas that require extra detail can be re-scanned instantly.  The data is then transferred automatically into the DentCAD software to complete the design process.

The entry-level version, the D62, allows data to be captured for crown and bridge work, and inlays and onlays.  By using the multi-die fixture supplied with the scanner, it can capture data up to a five-unit bridge or five individual models simultaneously.

The more advanced scanner, the D102i, can be used for the full range of restorations, from simple copings up to a full arch.  It also has the ability to scan models and implant positions for dental bars, implant bridges and super-structures across a complete arch.  

The D102i incorporates more comprehensive software to handle the wider variety of restorations with the unprecedented accuracy recognised by all Delcam customers.  In addition, it is supplied with a carbon-fibre calibration plate to ensure consistent accuracy and two multi-die adapters, each capable of holding nine components.  Also included is a navigation ring that eliminates any inaccuracy that could be caused during the alignment process when scanning of the top and bottom of the model.

One of the unique benefits of the D62 entry-level model is the ability to upgrade it easily to the high-end D102i, without the need to purchase a new scanner.  This is achieved with a simple exchange of hardware attachments and the installation of the more powerful software.

Delcam customers claim that the combination of Delcam’s DentCAD software and the iMetric scanner gives the level of positional and fit accuracy essential for all high-end dental restorations, including implant bridges, bars and superstructures.  "Delcam’s Dental CADCAM solution offers an unprecedented level of accuracy, which results in restorations which have a high fit quality every time,” said Markus Geier, Technical Support and Training Leader at Diadem, which operates an international network of dental laboratories.  "This means that Diadem can maintain the very high standards that dental clinics and dental laboratories have come to expect from us.  It is only possible to achieve these standards with a strong and reliable CADCAM software partner like Delcam.”

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