Delcam reaches 10,000 customers in North America


Delcam is pleased to announce that the company recently added its 10,000th customer in North America – dental milling service provider Core 3D Centers.  To mark this landmark achievement Tim McKimson, Director of Engineering of Core 3D Centers, was presented with a commemorative award by Association for Manufacturing Technology President, Douglas Woods, and Delcam USA President, Glenn McMinn, during the IMTS exhibition.

Core 3D Centers is an international company that provides progressive milling services to its customers in the dental industry, based on global knowledge and superior service for enhanced aesthetic dental solutions.  Open Health and Core 3D were founded in October 2009 by Aurum, Cordent, DTS and Race, which are second and third generation family businesses.  The combined company now has 700 employees globally.

The success of Core 3D Centers has been its access to state-of-the-art industrial milling technology, allowing it to create the Core™ range of products.  This has allowed Core 3D to expand its digital product range to produce its own brand of Zirconia.

In 2010, Core3D Centers will introduce many more products and systems for the dental industry.  To help them prosper into the digital age, Director of Engineering at Core 3D Centers Tim McKimson discovered the Dental CADCAM suite from Delcam.  After contacting Sheila Cullers, Delcam’s Dental Business Development Manager, he recognized right away some of the major benefits of the Delcam software for Core 3D Centers.

"Core3D Centers had a very time sensitive project,” said Mr. McKimson.  "After reviewing the available software on the marketplace, it was obvious that Delcam’s DentMILL had implemented all the routines needed for us to complete our project in a timely manner.  The service and support has been excellent from top to bottom.”

DentMILL was developed by Delcam to make it easy for technicians with minimal experience of computer-aided manufacturing to produce restorations using the latest machining technology.  It is based on the company’s award-winning PowerMILL CAM system, which is widely acknowledged to be a leader in high-speed and five-axis machining.  This allows the software to offer a far wider range of proven machining strategies than is available in other dental CAM programs.

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