netfabb Studio, more than just the basics!


netfabb Studio Basic offers the most elementary functions of netfabb Studio and is made available free of charge for the convenience of students, teachers, private individuals and professionals who do not require the advanced features of netfabb Studio Professional. netfabb Studio Basic is NOT a trial software and does not demonstrate all features available in more advanced tools from netfabb.

Advanced mesh editing features are provided by netfabb Studio Professional. This is an advanced software tool designed for professional users within 3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing. Compared with netfabb Studio Basic, netfabb Studio Professional provides the following very powerful additional features:

split parts

Access huge files

  • Split large files – a unique feature that makes monster files like CT-scans, reverse engineered files or over-engineered files accessible

Combine parts

  • Let different parts interact with each other
  • Merge, subtract, intersect etc
  • Save as one part
  • Shells to parts
  • Merge text on parts
  • Design parts by combining primitives

Modify original files

  • Extrude surfaces/triangles
  • Offset parts
  • Create shells
  • Eliminate feature details
  • Clean out unwanted data
  • Advanced cut

Optimize & configure mesh quality

  • Reduce file size
  • Refine mesh
  • Smooth mesh
  • Re-meshing
  • Advanced triangle selection - select by volume, area or edge length

Advanced file repair

  • Remove self intersections
  • Remove parallel planes
  • Define your own repair workflow

netfabb Studio Professional can be purchased online at or through our resellers around the world.