Creaform launches VXelements, its all-in-one 3D data acquisition software that powers its entire fleet of 3D scanning and measurement technologies


Creaform, a world-class company in 3D technology and engineering services, is proud to announce the release of VXelements. The new software platform allows for the acquisition of 3D data from any of the technological solutions developped by Creaform, that is, the Handyscan 3D family of laser scanners and the HandyPROBE/C-Track line of optical CMM.

VXelements consists of three software modules: the well known VXscan, VXprobe (formerly HPS), and the new VXtrack. The new software summons all the necessary elements and tools into a unified, user-friendly and intuitive working environment, while adding new functions and capabilities to the previous software versions.


Already well known and appreciated by its wide base of users, VXscan now offers the possibility to thoroughly scan any part at any given resolution, within the scanners' range, without any limitations due to part size. It also improves offline work by offering a user or multiple users the possibility to merge the scans and reconstruct surfaces using different session files. Another feature worth mentioning is the automatic hole filling. When this feature is selected, such time consuming operation can be automatically taken care of by the software itself. VXprobe, on its part, retains all the functions from the preceding software version; however, it shares this time around the same integrated and user-friendly interface than the other modules.

Last but not the least, the new VXtrack module adds dynamic tracking capability to the C-Track line of dual camera sensors. It can now record 30-3D images-per-second of a reflector or sets of reflectors in real time for the study of a variety of applications involving motion tracking. The analysis of movement, acceleration, vibrations, assembly processes, robotic performance, and biomechanics is now a much easier task thanks to VXelements. The module offers both a graphic interface to interact with the results or to export the result files in the currently most common formats. 

While VXtrack will be sold separately, VXscan and VXprobe will keep on being delivered with every Handyscan 3D or HandyPROBE and to every customer currently possessing the appropriate maintenance program. The new out-of-the-shelf VXelements software will be available starting October 13, 2010. For ordering information and other details please, contact  

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