MSC.Software Wins Prestigious Readers Choice Award From China Information World


MSC.Software, the leader in multidiscipline simulation solutions that accelerate product innovation, today announced that China Information World has awarded the prestigious Readers Choice Award for outstanding enterprise achievement to MSC.Software at its annual 2010 China Information Industry Awards.

Jointly organized by China Information World, China's Computer Industry Association and China's Alliance for Promotion of Information Technology, the China Information Industry Award is the annual showcase for products, services, and technologies available to China's manufacturing and information technology community. China Information World has one of China's largest industry professional networks registering in excess of 150,000 subscribers as of today.

The China Industry Information Award is selected based on the organization's overall contribution including technology excellence and the level of commitment to the development of China's information technology landscape. The nominees are vetted and audited by representatives of the organizing committee before readers cast their votes to select the winners in each category. The outstanding enterprise achievement category is the highest achievement for the awards with other competing categories in outstanding individual achievement and outstanding products and solutions.

"The China Information World Readers Choice Awards provide guidance to end users on proven technology and best practices which have been successfully implemented in China," said Ms Wang Yan, Project Manager, China Information Industry Awards 2010. "We are pleased that MSC.Software has been recognized as the leader in the engineering analysis solutions as validated by our rigid nomination and selection process."

"We are honored by this industry recognition which further strengthens our leadership and industry adoption of MSC.Software's multidiscipline (MD) solutions in China," said Eric Favre, Vice President, MSC.Software Asia Pacific. "It also validates our MD solutions have moved beyond the enterprise level and have proliferated to a larger base of small and medium enterprises, where they have realized the high engineering value through the MD platform."