Great AMB exhibition for SolidCAM in Stuttgart, Germany


The AMB Intl Exhibition for Metal working is being held in Stuttgart, Germany, on 9/28-10/2/2010. The AMB exhibition has 1100 exhibitors from the Metal working Industry.

As one of the world’s most prominent economic areas, the high-tech region Baden- Wuerttemberg in Germany uses the AMB as the window to present its products and services to the German and worldwide audience.

SolidCAM GmbH is exhibiting at the AMB the latest powerful version, SolidCAM 2010 SP2, on 9 demonstration stations. Our major SolidCAM reseller in Germany, DPS, is exhibiting at 3 stations in our booth. Our SolidCAM reseller, Solid Pro, is also exhibiting at 1 station in our booth.

The newest member of the SolidCAM product family, SolidCAM Xpress, has been launched at the AMB. The response has been very good, with several SolidCAM Xpress systems sold right at the booth, to customers who were looking for a reasonably-priced CAM system to start with - but with a clear upgrade path as their CAM needs evolve.

The potential customer interest was intense at SolidCAM booth, with all demonstartion stations busy the whole time. Many full SolidCAM systems were sold at the booth, in the first 3 days, and hundreds of potential customers saw a demonstration of SolidCAM. With 2 more days to go, it is evident now that the metal industry is in strong shape again in Germany, with lots of machining work available.

After working for 21 years in Germany, and with 6 offices today all over Germany, SolidCAM GmbH has established a very powerful SolidCAM brand recognition, with nearlry 2000 satified customers all over Germany.

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