Suzlon Blade Technology Selects MSC.Software to Improve Design of Wind Turbine Composite Blades


MSC.Software Corporation, the leader in multidiscipline simulation solutions that accelerate product innovation, today announced that Suzlon Blade Technology, a leading manufacturer of wind turbines, has chosen MSC.Software simulation solutions for the design of next generation wind turbine blades.

Suzlon is focused on taking reliability and quality of its turbine blades to an even higher level by focusing product development on composites engineering and simulation. The company has chosen MSC.Software's EALU token solution. With this flexible licensing system engineers can access and run a full range of MSC's computer-aided engineering (CAE) solutions. Suzlon is focusing on an "end-to-end" CAE application for modeling and analysis.

Suzlon's first priority will be to focus on automated pre- and post processing methods within and around the MSC solution in order to optimize simulations, significantly reduce analysis time and gain tremendous quality improvements in models and results. Secondly, Suzlon will focus on establishing a digital thread between its 3D CAD/composite modeling tools and MSC tools as part of the global strategy for establishing an integrated process from initial airfoil design through structural design and analysis to production. Within this context, Suzlon's goal is to adopt many of the same simulation processes that are successfully used in the aerospace industry. The MSC.Software solutions will initially be deployed at Suzlon's European headquarters in Aarhus, Denmark.

"We have chosen to use the token solution from MSC.Software as this will provide us with a multidisciplinary state-of-the-art simulation environment and tool set, enabling Suzlon Blade Technology to develop its next generation of blades quickly and reliably," says Flemming Mortensen, Senior Project Manager at Suzlon. "We need to set new standards for future development. We consider the MSC.Software tools to be the best-in-class solution, especially related to simulation of advanced composites products. During the evaluation we received excellent support from the local MSC.Software Reseller, Idé-Pro Engineering Software. We are confident this support will continue in the coming period."

Kais Bouchiba, Senior Vice President Europe at MSC.Software adds, "MSC.Software is excited that one of the world's leading wind turbine manufacturers has chosen our comprehensive software solution as the foundation for advanced modeling and simulation of wind turbine blades."