netfabb Studio 4.6 is available for download!


netfabb are proud to announce the release of netfabb Studio version 4.6 - a software release packed with new features and updates.

General changes in netfabb Studio Basic and Professional versions of the software include:

  • New and restructured menus
  • More precise terminology
  • New icons
  • Group colors
  • Improved stitching of triangles
  • Slice preview of USF files

netfabb professional 4.6 new feature

New features and changes in netfabb Studio Professional include:

  • Free Cut - cutting with an arbitrarily defined plane
  • Shell list
  • Surface cut - draw a line on a surface and cut out a section
  • Part numbers
  • Export slices as image files (requires the Slice Commander Professional Tool)
  • Hole edge offset
  • Automatic placement of parts
special cutting netfabb tool png export

Please take a look at the release notes on the netfabb changelog for a more detailed description of the features.

With these new features netfabb Studio Professional becomes even more valuable for advanced mesh editing for professionals. As comparable products from other software suppliers typically cost several times more than netfabb Studio, you can afford to purchase multiple seats of netfabb Studio. This enables you to spread 3D printing within your organization and remove bottle-necks in the process of handling 3D file data.

netfabb Studio Professional can be purchased online at or through our resellers around the world.

Feel free to contact me at any time if you have any questions. Please also visit us at TCT Live 2010 in Coventry, UK, October 19-20 for a live demonstration of all the netfabb software products.