Delcam Italia to support DMG dental machining event


Delcam Italia has been chosen by DMG to provide software support at a seminar on dental machining to be held at the DMG Sauer Dental Excellence Centre in Stipshausen, Germany, on 9th November.  The programme will include a series of demonstrations of five-axis machining on a range of DMG Sauer machines programmed with Delcam’s DentMILL machining system for dental restorations.

The demonstrations have been programmed using the new, 2011 version of DentMILL.  This includes a wider range of five-axis machining options, including the ability to undertake constant-Z undercut machining.  The new functionality will make it easier to program the manufacture of dental bars, implant bridges and customised abutments. 

As well as broadening the range of dental restorations that can be produced, the use of five-axis machining helps to reduce material wastage, minimise hand finishing operations by removing undercut regions, and give more flexibility when machining difficult parts and materials such as hard-state Zirconia.

In the 2011 version of DentMILL, the previous options for the production of copings, bridges and abutments in ceramics and titanium have also been enhanced.  In particular, a number of improvements have been made to give smoother toolpaths.  These new techniques not only give a more accurate surface finish on the restoration but also protect the cutters and the machine tool by minimising stresses during machining. 

Other improvements in the new release of DentMILL reflect the recent enhancements to Delcam’s PowerMILL engineering CAM system on which it is based.  These include support for the latest hardware developments, such as 64-bit operation, multi-threading and background processing, which can significantly reduce calculation times.

After its high levels of accuracy, the key benefit of Delcam’s dental software is that the program is extremely easy to use and so is ideally suited, not only to dental technicians that are already using CADCAM, but also to those that have no previous experience of computer-aided design and manufacture.  DentMILL uses dental terminology and imagery to guide the user through the entire manufacturing process. 

It is expected that many companies will want to use Delcam’s dental design software, DentCAD, alongside DentMILL.  However, in keeping with the company’s "open” approach to its software, the program can be used with any combination of scanner, design software, machining software and computer-controlled machine tool.

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