GRAPHISOFT's Online BIM Collaboration is Coming to a Computer Near You

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Building Information Modeling brings unique challenges to the design team: when implementing BIM on a larger scale, architects often run into bottlenecks in model accessibility and workflow management. On November 23, 11 colleagues around the world from GRAPHISOFT, Tekla Structures, DDS-CAD, and Arktec will demonstrate the power of Open Collaboration without borders. Based in Birmingham, Boston, Budapest, Helsinki, Madrid, Munich, Oslo, and Sydney, and using the GRAPHISOFT BIM Server, these colleagues will demonstrate how Delta Server™ technology reduces network traffic to a minimum for instant and reliable data-exchange both within the office and over the Internet.

Join the November 23rd live webinar about BIM collaboration:

  • If you work in a design team as an architect, engineer or consultant
  • If you need to coordinate your design with other disciplines
  • If your operation is geographically spread out or you need remote access to your BIM projects
  • If you are simply interested in seeing the evolution of BIM collaboration happening now

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