Visit netfabb at Euromold 2010 - Hall 11, booth B108

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Meet netfabb GmbH at the Euromold Exhibition in Frankfurt on December 1-4. Please visit us in hall 11, booth # B108 to get a chance to meet the netfabb team, learn all about the wide range of netfabb products or just stop by for a chat.

netfabb studio professional

At the exhibition, we will present netfabb Studio Professional, the affordable solution for advanced mesh handling, file fixing and slicing, together with its range of Professional and Premium Tools.

The fabulous Selective Space Structures tree will of course be on display. With a large number of sample structures sintered in different materials we will demonstrate how structures can radically widen the properties of a basic material. Nature has very few materials and it creates structures instead. With the Selective Space Structures (3S) software and additive manufacturing, you can do the same to create new and unique products.

We will also present netfabb Cloud Solutions, the server based solution for automatic handling of 3D data. Used for example by Shapeways, it automatically analyses and corrects build files uploaded to the website. For businesses with a large flow of incoming data, the Cloud Solutions can significantly reduce the costs for manual checking and correction.

Last but not least we are presenting more products for the Apple user community. The popular netfabb Mobile for iPhone/iPod has an update in the app store just in time for the Euromold. The iPad version will be on display. A Mac version of netfabb Studio Basic is available for Mac OS 10.5 and higher.

Please visit us anytime during the exhibition. If you want to set up a personal appointment for a more detailed demonstration of the software, please contact us by mail or phone.