GlobalCAD releases six flagship products for Bricscad V11


Bricsys – the company behind Bricscad and GlobalCAD – developer of professional software for architecture and land planning – announced that six flagship GlobalCAD products are now released for Bricscad V11. Until now, GlobalCAD products were only available for AutoCAD.

LandARCH Professional Edition is the integrated AutoCAD and Bricscad Pro add-on solution for external architecture, landscape design and irrigation. The product comes with impressive 2D and 3D libraries. All 3D models are render-ready with applied materials for fast, effortless photo-realistic results directly within Bricscad Pro. LandARCH Professional Edition lets the user create comprehensive schedules and bill of materials from drawing data. Its unique object-authoring suite includes Block Manager, Hatch Manager, Linetype Wizard and Attribute Wizard.

With GlobalCAD Terrain users can create accurate and intelligent site surveys and produce 3D terrain models with a single mouse click. Move any intelligent survey point marker and its associated XYZ value automatically updates to suit the new location. Using advanced algorithms, GlobalCAD Terrain can produce 3D models as polyface meshes or solids (including volumetric data). LandARCH Standard Edition (entry level), GlobalCAD Organizer, GlobalCAD Schedule and Hatch Manager complete the GlobalCAD product suite.

“Porting our product portfolio to the Bricscad platform was the result of an excellent collaboration between the development teams of GlobalCAD and Bricsys”, says Darren Bond, Product Manager of GlobalCAD. He continues: “Bricsys’ support for Application Developers is outstanding. The move to Bricscad was virtually seamless, allowing us to offer Bricscad users the same compelling high-end features we provide under AutoCAD. Bundling our products with Bricscad opens new opportunities for us thanks to its attractive price.”
“The whole product catalog of GlobalCAD is a high level enrichment for our application platform”, adds Erik De Keyser, CEO of Bricsys. “With GlobalCAD’s professional software running on Bricscad we are again strengthening our position in the AEC and land planning vertical markets.”

GlobalCAD products for Bricscad are available in the application catalog of Bricsys and trial versions can be downloaded from the Bricsys website.

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