Bricsys releases Bricscad V11 for Linux


Bricsys announces the release of Bricscad Classic V11 for Linux. The new version for the Linux platform is the equivalent of Bricscad Classic V11 for Windows, released on October 18. This first upgrade confirms the Bricsys commitment for the Linux platform.

This first upgrade version for the Linux platform supports new features such as Dynamic Input and dynamic dimensions – insertion of dynamic blocks and modification through the properties bar – midpoint snap, parallel snap and a 10 times performance boost for layout switching, to name a few.

A couple of problems due to different implementation for the Linux platform are also solved: PDF export, autosave and for GTK users: set focus on command line.

The first release of Bricscad V10 for Linux, early September, has been an immediate success and confirmed that Linux users were waiting for a professional CAD software based on the .dwg file format. As a result Bricsys received many support requests: In Bricscad Classic V11 for Linux, 60 support requests sent in by users are solved and implemented. A detailed list is published in the release notes coming with the new release.

The few fixes done for LISP support were also important. These fixes lift this API almost to the equivalent of what is available in Bricscad for Windows. This LISP API was an instant success and is highly appreciated by the users and application developers. In less than three months, 10 applications running on Bricscad are already made commercially available for the Linux platform.

Bricsys has started to port its BRX API to Linux. This API, available for the Windows platform since two years, is used now by more than 500 application developers to port their AutoCAD based applications to Bricscad. They will have soon access to the Linux platform for selling their existing applications. It will make Bricscad the preferred platform for applications and brings a wide variety of choice for end users. Once more this confirms the Bricsys determination to bring together the application developers and the end users.

Bricscad Classic V11 for Linux is now available for download at A trial version allows free of charge testing for 30 days. Customers who bought already Bricscad Classic V10 for Linux can upgrade to V11 free of charge.

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