Delcam to show latest CAM programs at Southern Manufacturing


Delcam will show the latest versions of its PowerMILL, FeatureCAM and PartMaker CAM systems at the Southern Manufacturing exhibition to be held in Farnborough on 16th and 17th February.  PowerMILL is Delcam’s software for high-speed and five-axis machining, while FeatureCAM offers fast and easy-to-use, feature-based programming and PartMaker provides a dedicated solution for Swiss-type lathes and turn-mill equipment.  Delcam will also demonstrate its Delcam for SolidWorks integrated CAM system for SolidWorks.

Together, these programs allow companies to program virtually all of their machine tools to cut any material quickly and efficiently.  This broad coverage is one of the reasons why Delcam has been ranked as the world’s leading specialist supplier of NC software and services by US analysts CIMdata for the last ten years.

All of the new Delcam programs benefit from the latest hardware developments, such as 64-bit computing, multi-threading and background processing, to give faster toolpath calculation, especially when machining large or complex components or tooling.

The 2011 release of PowerMILL makes the programming of fast but safe toolpaths easier than ever thanks to new stock-model-engagement options that protect both the cutting tool and the machine from excessive loading.  The ability to optimise tool loading will help overcome a constant conflict for CAM programmers.  On the one hand, they want to maximise productivity by setting feed-rates as fast as their machines will allow; on the other hand, they need to ensure safe speeds that will not break the tool.

Other enhancements include new editing capabilities to simplify the machining of duplicate items; more versatile control of feed-rates for leads and links; and extra functionality for sketching, plus the completion of the move to the new clearer forms for the complete range of strategies.

FeatureCAM’s high degree of automation gives faster and easier programming than other CAM systems.  The 2011 version of the software incorporates improved data exchange from a wider range of design software, the ability to use stock models to increase machining efficiency and new strategies across the complete program, from turning to five-axis machining.  The program also features a more modern interface to make programming easier than ever.  All these developments will ensure that FeatureCAM retains the leadership in programming speed and ease of use it has held since its launch in 1995, when it was the world’s first feature-based programming system.

Major highlights of the 2011 release of PartMaker include more powerful milling functionality, new specialist turning routines, a more flexible tooling library, improved simulation of unique machine tool architectures and a host of additional productivity enhancements.

PartMaker also offers the option for a direct interface to PowerMILL, giving users access to all complex the five-axis machining strategies currently supported by the software, including blade and blisk machining, and to the program’s powerful three-axis strategies.  Toolpaths generated in PowerMILL can be imported directly into PartMaker, where they can be manipulated and synchronized on PartMaker’s Process Table, and simulated and post-processed directly from the PartMaker working environment.

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