FARO and Gexcel Announce the Release of JRC 3D Reconstructor / FaroArm


FARO, the world’s leading provider of portable measurement and imaging solutions, and Gexcel, software and solutions provider in the Geomatics sector, announce the release of the new JRC 3D Reconstructor / FaroArm, a Gexcel software solution fully optimized for the FARO Laser ScanArm that enables to overlay high resolution images to 3D models.

JRC 3D Reconstructor / FaroArm imports meshes from Geomagic, PolyWorks, RapidForm or other third-party software and exports high resolution, true colour textured models.
The typical workflow includes the following steps: Capture 3D data with the FARO ScanArm and export a mesh model, image acquisition with any type of digital camera, mesh model import, camera calibration and texture mapping, and coloured mesh export for 3D modelling software or video generation. The results consist of photorealistic 3D models or 3D meshes with texture in a format compatible with modelling software.

Applications for the new release encompass heritage preservation, restoration, 3D documentation, virtual catalogue, product design and forensics. Users may find in the new JRC 3D Reconstructor / FaroArm the ideal software application for objects like statues, museum and archaeological artefacts, design and industrial design objects and small finds in forensics investigation. Indeed the software, already tested by specialized restorers in Italy to realize high resolution texture mapping models, has been positively adopted by anatomy-pathologists for forensics applications.

Matteo Sgrenzaroli, responsible for R & D and co-founder of Gexcel Srl, said: “This new software solution is based on Gexcel’s applied experience in sensors integration. With this software solution, FaroArm geometrical data and digital images can be combined together to create full colour models.”

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