Delcam to show extended dental CADCAM range in Birmingham


Delcam will demonstrate the latest additions to its range of software and hardware for the design and manufacture of dental restorations at the Dentistry Show to be held at the NEC, Birmingham, on 4th and 5th March.  The most significant enhancements for both the DentCAD design software and the DentMILL CAM system are new libraries of teeth and implants that have been added, alongside considerable enhancements to the functionality of both programs. 

In addition, a new range of scan adaptors has been introduced for use with the company’s two Delcam iMetric scanners.  These provide physical representations of the position and orientation of implants during scanning so that this data is captured for use in the software.

The new tooth and implant libraries in DentCAD include designs from Implant Direct and Simbiosi.  This expansion of the range of designs available will make it easier for users to find the ideal implant or tooth for the patient.

Other new options in the 2011 release include a new module to check that connections between copings, crowns and pontics are aligned correctly, new smoother shapes for custom abutments, that follow the design of the crown automatically to minimise the need for further editing, and new dynamic shaping tools that give greater control over the final shape of the restoration.

Following feedback from customers, improvements have been made in many key areas of the software.  In particular, dental bar design has been enhanced to give even more control over the position and shape of the bar.  Other developments include improved control over the cement gaps and contact distances around restorations, easier design of inlays and onlays, and more dynamic editing of collars and lingual bands.

The main addition to DentMILL 2011 is a series of templates for the automatic machining of the interfaces between abutments and implants.  A library of the most common implant types is supplied with the software so that it can recognise the type that has been chosen in DentCAD and produce the necessary machining toolpaths automatically.

DentMILL has also benefited from enhancements to Delcam’s PowerMILL engineering CAM system on which it is based.  These include support for the latest hardware developments, such as 64-bit operation, multi-threading and background processing, that can significantly reduce calculation times.

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