Cimatron and Atometric Partner to Deliver Advanced Micro-Machining Capabilities


Cimatron Technologies Inc., a subsidiary of Cimatron Limited (Nasdaq: CIMT), a leading provider of integrated CAD/CAM solutions for mold, tool and die makers as well as manufacturers of discrete parts, has signed a partnership and distribution agreement with Atometric Inc., a provider of CNC micro-machining centers and contract micro-machining solutions.

As part of the collaborative relationship between the two companies, Cimatron has developed custom post-processors for Atometric’s machines. In addition, Atometric is now authorized to bundle CimatronE with its micro-machining centers as well as use the software in its micro-machining contract manufacturing operations.

Cimatron Micro-Milling Software

The Cimatron micro-milling software enables efficient milling of jobs, using very small tools and working at tolerances as tight as 0.0001 mm, and using cutting tools as small as 10 micron (.00039”). Featuring exceptionally precise calculation of remaining stock that is accurate enough for micro-scale parts, the software enables the creation of safe and highly efficient micro-machining toolpaths, supporting high spindle speeds while producing superb surface quality. In addition, the Cimatron software enables toolmakers and manufacturers to take full advantage of 5-Axis capabilities to machine complex parts in the micro-milling environment.

Atometric’s Micro-Precision Machining

Atometric delivers sub-micro precision machining centers that are factory-rugged, yet operable in an office, and range from 3-Axis to 4- and 5-Axis machines. Atometric’s machines support spindle speeds of up to 200,000 rpm and feature an automatic tool changer with up to 35 tools per cartridge, maximizing productivity and minimizing idle time. The result is an efficient manufacturing solution suitable to a wide range of micro-machining applications and a variety of materials, including:

  • Implantable devices machined in titanium and zirconia ceramics
  • Stainless steel surgical components produced in a single setting
  • Tool steel micro-mold machining
  • EDM electrodes with complex blended curves machined in copper and graphite
  • Bio-individual zirconia implantable devices with a steel or aluminum support structure built on the same machine

Stepping Up to the Micro-Manufacturing Opportunity

“Micro-milling is one of the most promising frontiers in manufacturing these days, opening up great opportunities for companies that are able to master the technology,” said Ira Bareket, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Cimatron. “Being the first vendor to bring to market a specialized NC application for the milling of micro-components, we are excited to partner with a company such as Atometric that is entirely focused on delivering advanced micro-machining solutions.”

“Producing high-quality micro-parts demands a combination of micro-precision machines and software. Cimatron’s micro-milling software has a demonstrable advantage in accuracy and speed compared to other leading software packages we have worked with,” said Atometric’s President, Thomas Lindem. “The Cimatron software helps our customers achieve the full capabilities of the Atometric machines. Together, Cimatron and Atometric will be able to help more customers step up to the requirements of micro-manufacturing.”

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