Bricsys appoints first Authorized Training Center for Bricscad in India.


VK Design Techniques Pvt. Ltd. [] is a CAD business in Bangalore specializing in CAD drafting, training and detailing services in the fields of piping, HVAC and plant design. VK Design Techniques has trained specialized engineering personnel for some of the leading industries in this segment like L&T, Cetech Engineers, L&T Valdel, Essar Oil, Praxair India as well as engineering service providers like Infosys Technologies, Pixel Infotech and others.

With over 500+ students trained in domain-specific CAD skills, VK Design has carved a name for itself as a finishing school for CAD drafters wishing to hone their skills and make a career in the oil and gas industry. With its immense experience gained through CAD detailing projects which are executed on an off-shore/on-site model, the training provided at VK Design comes straight from its industry experience and is hands-on.

Mr. Vasudev Yargatti, the CEO of VK Design Techniques has always been on the lookout for alternative-CAD for those clients who would like to deploy a large number of CAD seats but for whom AutoCAD license costs are prohibitive. With AutoCAD LT lacking the power to customize, and other IntelliCAD-based products having stability and extensibility issues, Mr. Yargatti believes Bricscad is a good-fit that serves all purposes at an affordable price point.

Having now acquired the 'Authorized Trainer for Bricscad' status, VK Design now hopes to captitalize on this brand and promote Bricscad training as well as its use in the Indian design and engineering industry.

Coordinate Systems will work closely and partner with VK Design Techniques in joint promotion exercises.

About Coordinate Systems: Coordinate Systems in based in Bangalore, and has been in the business of CAD since 2004. It is a reseller for Bricsys products in India since 2008. Coordinate Systems is the developer of the GeoTools add-on software for Bricscad and has executed a large number of high-end CAD customizations for a number of clients worldwide.

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