Delcam's Tom McCollough launches MCADCafe VideoNews


Delcam’s VP of Software Development, Tom McCollough, appeared in the first of a new series of video interviews on, a targeted web site addressing the information needs of mechanical engineers, designers, and manufacturers.  With its VideoNews service, the site has taken news to the next level by embedding video interviews with the people behind the news into key press releases that it publishes, in this case the announcement of the launch of FeatureCAM 2011.

David Heller, President of IBSystems Inc., MCADCafe’s parent company said, "By leveraging the power of remote video, we are now able to interview the people behind the news, no matter where in the world they are, and embed these video interviews into our press releases to give our audience an in-depth learning experience.  By including video interviews, MCADCafe’s VideoNews adds details and clarity that is just not possible with the printed word alone.” 

In the interview, the latest enhancements in FeatureCAM 2011 are detailed.  These include support for 64-bit computers, improved data exchange from a wider range of design software, the ability to use stock models and new strategies across the complete program, from turning to five-axis machining.  The program also features a more modern interface to make programming easier than ever.

The resulting interview clearly demonstrates the power of this new medium. It can be viewed now by clicking here

To leverage the power of social media, the VideoNews interview is also posted on YouTube, VodPod, and Facebook to broaden its reach and impact.

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