ARCHline.XP 2011 Available


CadLine is proud to announce that the latest version of its cutting edge design CAD software "ARCHLine.XP" is released.

With ARCHLine.XP you can bring your design ideas to life in 3D and produce photo realistic imagery from the outset of your project, be this from a sketch idea or from more detailed 2D CAD designs.

ARCHLine.XP has been refined so that it now offers new features such as:

  • Virtual staging - which quickly and economically facilitates the illustration of the potential of an existing space or vacant property.
  • Bespoke soft furnishing tools including blinds and awnings.
  • A custom cabinet and door design feature.
  • Easy conversion of 2D lines from .DWG format into fully interactive, editable and realistic 3D models.
  • The "Electrical Switch and Outlet" tool allows the interior designer to interface with the electrical engineer and the client to help locate switches and outlets.
  • Upgraded rendering capability is provided by a direct export capability to cutting edge rendering package Thea Render.

ARCHLine.XP provides a competitive software solution for both architects and interior designers combining CAD and visualisation capabilities within one software package.

CadLine offers user friendly practical CAD workshops for all ARCHLine.XP users from complete beginners to advanced users.

These workshops include:

• Kitchen design
• Bathroom design
• Commercial unit design
• Outdoor awning and canopy and indoor curtain design
• Loft conversion and design
• Staircase and banister
• Virtual staging

To find out more about the software please feel free to visit

Link www: