Bricsys Releases Bricscad V11 Pro for Linux

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Bricsys NV, the developer of Bricscad, today announced the release of Bricscad V11 Pro for Linux. Just six months after it released the first ever .dwg-based CAD system for Linux, Bricsys now makes the benefits and power of the Pro version of Bricscad available to Linux users. This powerful update adds ACIS modeler and BRX API.

3D Solids Modeling in Linux

Bricscad V11 Pro for Linux adds the complete ACIS solid modeling engine, opening the way for powerful 3D modeling. In addition, Bricsys commits to offering more and stronger 3D functions to Bricscad for the Linux version in future releases. The SOLPROF command is added too, as well as the PC3 Editor, for editing Printer/ Plotter configurations.

"Bricsys V11 Pro for Linux reconfirms our commitment to both Linux users and the application developer community," said Erik De Keyser, CEO of Bricsys. "Full 3D is now opened up for Linux, and we want to be at the forefront of 3D capabilities – ASAP!"

"With the BRX Linux SDK," he continued, "We now have quite a complete set of APIs that enable easy porting of applications from Windows to Linux. Best of all, it requires no extra investment by our application developers."

The BRX API for Linux

The Pro release also adds the popular BRX API (application programming interface) to the Linux version. This means that professional .dwg-based CAD and engineering applications will become available to the Linux community. Developers now need only a single source code to compile for three platforms: Bricscad BRX for Windows, AutoCAD ARX, and now Bricscad BRX for Linux.

The BRX Linux SDK (software developer kit) is identical to the one for Windows. The sole difference is that it contains Linux-specific link libraries, instead of ones specific to Windows. More than 90% of Windows BRX functions are now available in BRX Linux, including the BModeler, hidden-line removal, and BRep APIs. BRX will be fully completed in the coming months.

In addition to core BRX features, the BRX Linux SDK includes the Windows Platform Emulation Layer, which provides a large set of Windows API functions under Linux. This emulation layer is built into BRX and so is completely transparent to developers. The Windows emulation layer is subject for further development, as determined by the needs of developers.

A comprehensive set of documentation and user guides will assist developers as they migrate their add-ons to the Linux platform. Topics include Setting Up the Development Environment, Converting VisualStudio BRX Projects to BRX Linux Projects, and Adjusting Linux BRX Project Settings for the Compiler and Linker. They will become available in the coming weeks.

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