Bluebeam PDF Revu 9 Debuts in Australia Offering Enhanced Usability, Advanced Features to Streamline PDF-Based Paperless Workflows

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Bluebeam Software today announced the Australian debut of its new Bluebeam PDF Revu 9, the latest, fully-loaded version of its powerful PDF platform technology that provides a smart, simple solution to create, markup, edit and manage PDF files. The product will be unveiled to the Australian market today at the 23rd Annual designEX, Australia's premiere design and architecture event that brings together the most highly regarded contemporary and classic designers and architects in the country. The event runs April 13-15 at the Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre.

The all-new Revu 9 takes the quest for paperless project management to a whole new level with more than 30 enhanced features that streamline PDF markup, viewing, processing, collaboration and sharing.

"Revu 9 is truly our most powerful PDF platform to date, incorporating everything our users already love about Revu for project communication with new features that now make it even more flexible and easy to use," said Bluebeam Software CEO Richard Lee. "We're looking forward to introducing the Australian design community to our most advanced version yet."

Revu 9 builds upon Bluebeam's intuitive PDF reviewing, editing and markup capabilities and its exclusive Tool Chest™ that enhances efficiency by enabling users to save commonly used markups for easy reuse, importing or sharing with colleagues. The latest edition puts a host of new, more advanced features into the hands of designers and architects, offering greater flexibility and usability, including:

  • 3D PDF viewing capability

    that enables users to navigate through complex models on screen and rotate, spin and zoom to gain a dynamic view of the project. Using just a mouse, users can refine their perspective and vantage point, isolate and view various specific elements, make transparent layers to drill down into masked details and even save these specific views in the PDF so that collaborators can have the same perspective. Advanced animation features also make it easy to cycle through all 3D views within the PDF.
  • The exclusive new VisualSearch™

    that allows users to select a specific symbol in a PDF and search for instances of that element across the current document, all open documents, recent documents or files in a specific folder. Even better, users can apply markups and hyperlinks to all identified VisualSearch results, instantly linking symbols to online product data sheets, specifications and more.
  • Improved PDF creation from AutoCAD®

    , including enhancements to the batch PDF creation plugin for multi-selecting DWGs and adjusting output settings such as page setups and text stamps, and the ability to add sheet sets for batch file conversion.
  • Measurement cutout

    , a highly-requested function to Revu's takeoff tools that is ideal for design and construction professionals to account for room obstructions in area measurements and create more accurate estimates.
  • PDF to MS Office

    for seamless conversion of PDF files back to their original native MS Office file formats with export capability to Word, Excel® and PowerPoint® for significant text edits, as well as HTML for online use and search-ability.
  • PDF Forms creation

    to convert any PDF into a fillable PDF form. Javascripting can also be used to add form fields that automatically calculate values, validate text entries, and define actions.
  • PDF Scripting

    , which enables users to engage 25 script commands to automate repetitive processes such as inserting PDF coversheets, adding text stamps, flattening PDFs and more. Custom scripts can be written and saved as an icon to the Revu toolbar.

In addition to these advanced features, Bluebeam PDF Revu 9's MultiView™ Extended capability, allows users to run multiple sessions of Revu concurrently and move document tabs dynamically between the sessions to enhance productivity. Tabs can also be dragged and dropped to an attached second monitor for expanded viewing and more efficient review. When it's time for a clean slate, the new Erase Content deletes all unwanted text and images with a single click. For better issue tracking, Revu 9's integrated Markups list enables users to assign custom statuses to markups, complete with text and colour properties that change depending on the selected state.

Improved foreign language support has also been included to tear down communication barriers and enhance global collaboration. New Unicode text support enables users to add text-based markups in any left-to-right reading language. Additionally, a markup translation feature instantly translates markups to more than 55 languages. Users can even dictate their markups verbally through a microphone while Revu 9 converts them to text markups on any PDF.

Bluebeam PDF Revu 9 is available in three editions - Revu Standard for general CAD and Office users (US $179 per seat), Revu CAD for AutoCAD, Revit® and SolidWorks® users (US $239 per seat) and Revu eXtreme for PDF power users (US $299 per seat). Volume discounted pricing is available for multi-seat purchases. Bluebeam Software products are sold to the Australian market through a network of resellers.

To see a live demonstration of Revu 9, stop by Stand #1006 during designEX April 13-15 at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre. Or, for more information, visit

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