FARO announces the release of the new version of its SCENE Software with accelerated colour overlay


FARO Technologies, Inc. (NASDAQ: FARO), the world’s leading provider of portable measurement and imaging solutions, announces the release of SCENE 4.8.1, the latest version of its scan processing software for the FARO Laser Scanner.

The most significant improvement of the new release is the tremendous colour overlay acceleration. Applying colour to a Focus3D laser scan, which used to require about 20 minutes for a medium resolution scan, now takes only less than 1 minute. To achieve up to 40 times faster colour overlay for Focus3D colour scans (depending on the available computer power) FARO has applied brand new multi-threading technologies.

Furthermore, the new SCENE 4.8.1 is available in the following languages: Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Chinese and Japanese. These languages are used for the user interface, the online help and the technical documentation.

“The FARO Laser Scanner Focus3D provides efficient colour laser scanning to every user without additional costs. Now, thanks to the accelerated colour overlay of SCENE software, our customers can use their colour scans with minimal effort in the post processing phase,  speeding up the workflow of their scanning projects and increasing their productivity, ” stated Oliver  Bürkler, Senior Technical Product Manager, Laser Scanner at FARO.

The new SCENE 4.8.1 is already available and it will be delivered with every FARO Laser Scanner. Existing users may download the latest version of SCENE from the FARO Focus3D website:

The SCENE software is specifically designed for the FARO Laser Scanner. It processes and manages scanned data both efficiently and easily by using the automatic object recognition, scan registration and positioning.

SCENE can also colourise scans. The software is extremely user-friendly and generates high-quality data in next to no time. All users have to do is check the results at the end.

Once SCENE has prepared the scan data, users can commence evaluation and further processing right away. Thus there is a whole series of easy-to-use functions at your disposal – from simple measuring to 3D visualization through to exporting into various point cloud and CAD formats.

Thanks to the “Documentation object” functionality users can mark points of interest in the scan data, adding comments and attaching any kind of document to the scans. This allows extending point clouds with additional information using hyperlink technology.

Scan projects can also be published on a web server by the push of a button: the Web-Share feature allows for easy access of the laser scans with a standard internet browser.
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