Version 11.3.14 - Bricscad (Windows) releases



Bricscad (Windows) releases Bricscad (Windows) releases
Version 11.3.14 Jun 9, 2011


  • FIELDS: Empty fields are now drawn as "----"
    1. 'Field Names' list was made growable to fit longer names.
    2. When reopening the field dialog, code and value were not updated.
  • MTEXT EDITOR: field dialog is opened when double-clicking a field.
  • SR29855 - TABLE STYLES: added support for copy and paste of table styles.
  • SR29958 - TABLE STYLES: changed text 'Row type' to 'Cell type'.
  • SR29960 - TABLES: default cell margin is now set based on MEASUREMENT system variable.


  • PRINT: not all settings 'from previous plot' were applied. The 11.3.12 fix for this issue was incomplete. 'Plot object lineweights', 'Plot with plot styles', 'Plot paperspace last' and 'Plot stamp' were not restored between sessions.
  • SR27315 - TABLET: some tablets stopped responding after a modal window overlapped the main application window.
  • SR29460 - ATTEXT: in command mode, processing should not be aborted if the set of selected entities does not contain any inserts.
  • SR29858 - TABLE STYLES: on modification of a Table Style, related tables were not automatically regenerated.
  • SR29905 - TABLES: Undo/Redo did not correctly regenerate tables after editing text.
  • SR29905 - TABLES: added missing regen when modifying tables.
  • SR29943 - TABLES: unlocking/ locking cells did not work on a range of cells.
  • SR29945 - TABLES: clearing cell overrides did not reset the cell's color and format.
  • SR30000 - PC3 EDITOR:
    1. 'Custom Settings' button only appeared after changing a category in the tree.
    2. Save could fail when using the editor from within Bricscad. This error did not occur when operating in standalone mode.

Application Development

  • OOPS command: should not return RTCAN but RTERROR instead.
  • SR29744 - BRX: acedSSGet() :S single-pass selection mode was corrected.
  • SR29925 - CMDECHO: if CMDECHO == 0 and running unattended, no additional info should be printed on the command line output for following commands: UCS, SHADEMODE, FLATTEN, UNITS, ERASE, CHANGE, FILLET.
  • SR30046 - LISP: (autoload) function did not accept filenames using "\\" path delimiters, only "/" was accepted.
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