Bricscad (Linux) releases Version 11.3.15



Bricscad (Linux) releases
Version 11.3.15 Jun 16, 2011



  • SR25999, SR28841, SR29121, SR26569, SR29770 - SVG EXPORT: Added SVG export.
  • MDI: Ctrl-Tab/Ctrl-Shift-Tab now can be used to switch to next/previous document, the same as when using WNEXT/WPREV commands.


  • SR29565, SR29578 - MDI/MENU/LISP: Fixed a crash in the multi document infterface (MDI) when using partial CUI files and menu Lisp files.
  • SR24308 - TEMPLATE BY COMMANDLINE: added command line option -t to specify template drawing
  • SR25702, SR26772 - LIMITS BY MENU: The menu item Settings>Drawing Limits could only toggle limits on/off, it could not be used to set the limit corners. Fixed.
  • SR29604, SR25960, SR28914 - STATUS BAR: On right clicking status bar items, the context menu for toggling toolbars was displayed. Fixed.
  • SR29686 - UNICODE FILENAMES: When using non-ASCII characters in filenames (á, é, ã, etc...) saving failed, saying that the file is locked and marked as read-only. This issue occured in version 11.3.8 and was caused by the new locking functionality. Fixed.
  • SINGLETON: Implemented single instance support for Linux. Accessible from the Settings dialog, search for the variable "SINGLETON".
    • SR30045 - SELECTION FILTER: Fixed a potential endless loop ("hangup"), when a selection filter is used with specific DXF groupcode, which appears multiple times in (entget) list, like for groupcodes 10, 100 etc...
    • SR30045 - TRUECOLOR SELECTION FILTER: Fixed an issue with selection using truecolor filter (dxf code 420).
    • SR30137 - FENCE: Corrected fence selection mode (_F) for ssget. Before this fix, the last fence point was ignored if the last and first fence point were the same.
    • SR28891 - INPUTCONTEXTREACTOR: Fixed a crash in InputContextReactor.
    • SR29274 - LISP/SDS FILE DIALOG: In the file dialog that is shown in response to (getfiled) or sds_getfiled(), two extension issues were fixed.
      • The selection wildcard for "All Files" has been changed from "*.*" to "*". The demand for filenames to have an extension is customary on windows, not on linux.
      • The selected file extension was not added to the default filename. Fixed.
    • SR29274 - BRX ENTRYPOINT: The events ::kQuitMsg and ::kPreQuitMsg were missing in acrxEntryPoint(). Fixed.
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