Version 12.1.6



  • SR30475 - DIMENSIONS: added support for ACIS entities in commands DIMRAD, DIMDIA, DIMLINEAR, DIMALIGNED, DIMANGULAR.
  • SR31479 - OFFSET: more descriptive error messages are shown for failing offset commands.
  • SR32003 - CONSTRAINTS: improved icons for dclinear, gcfix, gcequal and dcconvert.
  • SR32129 - MATERIALS explorer: added scrollbars to the Edit panel.
  • SR32244 - CUSTOMIZE dialog: filename fields are not directly editable (CUI file only by browse button, PGP file not at all), therefore the field is now shown in gray.


  • PLOT command: enabled "_Previous plot" and page setup names. This was announced for V12.1. but hadn't been included yet.
  • SR18438, SR19909 - TEXT STYLES: 'shx' extension could be appended after the ttf extension for TTF fonts not found on the system.
  • SR31338 - OFFSET: curve had incorrect area after offset.
  • SR31339 - COPYCLIP: crash occurred on copyclip of entities that have extension dictionary with ACDB_ANNOTATIONSCALES_VIEW_COLLECTION.
  • SR31409 - BREAK: fixed BREAK for a line when a user picked two identical points which were not on this line.
  • SR31682 - PEDIT: a polyline and an arc with opposite normals could not be joined.
  • SR31805, SR32314, SR32288 - COPYCLIP/PASTEBLOCK: operation failed with 'Key Not Found' error message.
  • SR31927 - OPEN: a drawing containing constraints on block references could not be opened.
  • SR31946 - CMCOMMAND context menu: moved command options in context menu after first separator, and fixed label alignment.
  • SR31948 - LIVESECTION: hatch spacing property mistakenly was interpreted as hatch scale property.
  • SR32150 - MIGRATION: when upgrading from V11 to V12 the registry key 'Applications' and its subkeys should not be migrated because applications for V12 are not binary compatible with V11.
  • SR32159 - SETTINGS: removed obsolete Construction Planes preferences from SETVAR listing.
  • SR32198 - PEDIT: fixed joining of polylines with parallel edges.
  • SR32212 - DISPLAY: Xlines with huge root point coordinates (~1.e9) were not displayed.
  • SR32235 - DISPLAY: fixed display of transient hatch objects.
  • SR32265 - DIMSTYLE: 'unexpected error' occurred when editing a dimstyle with a DIMTFILLCLR value different from "ByBlock".
  • SR32298 - MTEXT: linespacing style ("exactly" or "at least") was incorrectly listed at, and edited from, the Properties bar.
  • SR32326 - MATCHPROP: it was no longer possible to select target entities by crossing window (regression introduced with fix for SR30133 in 12.1.5).
  • SR32356 - SETTINGS dialog: when editing folder list properties (e.g. SRCHPATH) new values were not stored.
  • SR32358 - SECTIONPLANE: new entities were created with default layer, linetype and color properties instead of the current ones.
  • SR32382 - FONTS: if a character existed both in a style's main shx font and in the bigfont of the style, the bigfont's character was used. Now the main shx font gets priority.

Application Development

  • SR30632 - EVENTS: Database.databaseToBeDestroyed was fired for all databases being destroyed, even if no event was attached.
  • SR31854 - DIESEL: $(getenv) behavior was made compatible and consistent with Lisp and SDS/BRX. Environment variables are searched in Bricscad Environment registry, in OS (Windows/Linux) process environment, and in Bricscad CFG settings. 
    Also following changes were applied to sds_getenv/sds_setenv read and write sequence:

    Sds_getenv() read sequence is:
    1. Bricscad Windows Registry
    2. Windows Process environment
    3. Bricscad Configuration
    Sds_setenv() write sequence is :
    1. Bricscad Configuration (if key is present)
    2. Bricscad Windows Registry
  • SR32118 - COM: IAcadPolyline::offset() returned an incorrect array of objects.
  • SR32139 - LISP: when switching from paperspace viewport into modelspace viewport by _mspace, Bricscad did not correctly switch into last-created modelspace viewport, when that sequence was run from application code; this regression (introduced with V12) is fixed now.
  • SR32270, SR32304 - LISP: unicode character specifications, embedded in strings, could cause a memory access violation (regression introduced with V12).
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