2012 Moldex3D R11 European Webinar Series


Join us for a series of free webinars to learn the latest advances in injection molding process technologies and discover how Moldex3D R11 can enable you optimize design and manufacturability.

Session 1 10. Jan (Tues.)  UTC 09:00AM  
Conformal Cooling Industrial Application and Design Optimization Technology

Session 2 11. Jan (Wed.)  UTC 09:00AM 
State-of-the-Art Optimization Technology of Plastic Injection Molding through DOE (Design of Experiment) Approach

Session 3 12. Jan (Thur.)  UTC 09:00AM  
Challenges of Design and Process Optimization of Co-injection Molding

Session 4 13. Jan (Fri.) UTC 09:00AM    
State-of-the-art Long/Short Fiber Simulation Technology and Industrial Applications

Session 5 16. Jan (Mon.) UTC 09:00AM  
Industrial Application and Advanced Technology of Fluid-Assisted Injection Molding

Session 6 17. Jan (Tues.) UTC 09:00AM  
In-depth Study of RHCM and IHM Technologies and Industrial Applications

Session 7 18. Jan (Wed.) UTC 09:00AM  
Application and Process Optimization Technology for Plastic Injection Compression Molding(ICM)

Session 8 19. Jan (Thur.) UTC 09:00AM  
In-depth Study of Hot Runner Technology and Industrial Applications

Webinar Duration: 60 mins presentation time, 20 mins Q&A time

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