AutoCAD WS Celebrates the New Year and 4,000,000 Downloads!


New Year, New Milestone. We are currently celebrating 4,000,000 downloads of AutoCAD WS for iOS, Android and Mac.

We wanted to thank YOU, for being the best customers ever – Your suggestions, questions and other feedback had a huge contribution to the success of AutoCAD WS.

2011 was a busy year, both product and development wise – It started with adding support for 10  different languages and then the release of our version for Android devices which was a huge hit!. AutoCAD WS was also integrated into AutoCAD 2012 ribbon with the "Online Tab" and of course, we didn't forget our Mac users and provided them with a Mac version of AutoCAD WS. We joined to the Amazon family, added lots of editing and viewing features, reached to more than 80,000 fans on Facebook and made sure to have some fun on the way as well.

So… what can you expect for in 2012? The simple answer is – A lot! It's been a little over a year since AutoCAD WS was released and we grew up rapidly. We listened to your feedback and tried to make AutoCAD WS a smarter, more innovative, faster and useful tool for you.

We can promise you that 2012 will be even more interesting with more amazing features that will blow your mind.

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