Delcam launches new web site for FeatureCAM feature-based CAM system


Delcam has launched a new web site for its FeatureCAM feature-based CAM system –  The site includes video testimonials from some of the thousands of customers that have chosen FeatureCAM for their programming, including subcontractors and OEM manufacturers from the aerospace, automotive, energy, motorsport and toolmaking industries.


Other pages on the site show how FeatureCAM users can program their machine tools in the shortest possible time and achieve consistently reliable results thanks to the software’s combination of feature-based and knowledge-based technologies.  The site offers the opportunity to download a free evaluation copy of the software so that companies can try FeatureCAM’s unique approach to programming for themselves.

The new website features a modern, easy-to-navigate interface to allow visitors to find information relevant to their industry and machining application. This new style follows the format of new websites being introduced for Delcam’s other manufacturing software.  

It also includes links to Delcam’s international reseller network so that visitors can contact their local representative for further information.  Links are also included to many of Delcam’s technology partners that use FeatureCAM, including machine tool builders and cutting tool suppliers.

Visitors to the site can also see video demonstrations of key improvements to the latest version of the software, FeatureCAM 2012, to enable faster and easier programming, and generate more efficient toolpaths to give greater machine productivity.  Enhancements include greater use of keyboard shortcuts, easier toolpath editing, new strategies such as back boring and spiral roughing, increased use of stock models, and the ability to have a negative leave allowance (such as a fitting allowance) for turning or wire EDM. 

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