Bricscad Version 12.1.12



  • Insert block from Drawing Explorer: the block is now being inserted immediately with default options, without additional prompts for scale and rotation
  • SR21970, SR22489: PROPERTIES PANEL - Additional parameters for Minsert object were added in the Properties bar (Columns, Column spacing, Rows, Row spacing)
  • SR32337, SR32376, SR32759, SR31732 - MTEXT EDITOR: added property for control height of MText entity
  • DRAWING EXLORER: New style in Drawing Explorer dialog is now set to use arial.ttf.


  • SR25997: EXPORT TO PDF - When the check box "Enable papersize override" was disabled (in 'PDF export options'), A4 paper size was used always. Now paper size is taken from layout settings.
  • SR29313: Fixed wrong rotation of the UCS about the Z axis when ANGBASE != 0.
  • SR29540 PRINT :If TEXTFILL is off, TTF text is printed as invisible.
  • SR30445: PDF EXPORT - search in the exported pdf cannot find textstrings that visually look correct, because these have been merged together in a single string. This becomes visible when copy/pasting to notepad.
  • SR30446: PDF EXPORT - only parts of japanese(MBCS) characters appear in the pdf when using shx text.
  • SR31009: 2DCONSTRAINTS - Fixed problem related to creation of 2D constraints with mid-point snap for arcs
  • SR31037 Fixed wrong behavior in Block definition dialog when block or filenames are too long.
  • SR31061: Drawing with redundant(wrong) DXF332 fields in the block record caused a crash when viewing dependencies. :
  • SR31063: Bricscad now copies addin registration information from HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE to HKEY_CURRENT_USER, if the addin registration information was not yet present in HKCU. This way an addin developer can write an installer that registers the VB addin in HKLMSoftwareBricsysBricscadV12en_USAddins instead of HKCUSoftwareBricsysBricscadV12en_USAddins to make the plugin available for all users. If users change the load behavior, this will still be stored in HKCU, so it will not influence the behavior for other users.
  • SR31181: fixed an assertion failure that occurred during Bricscad shutdown.
  • SR31291: ATTEXT - fixed ATTEXT for attributes with overflow fields.
  • SR31748, SR32691: TRIM - Fixed TRIM command for xlines and for closed polylines when the cutting edge intersects the polyline at the first vertex.
  • SR32006: 2D CONSTRAINTS: Implemented editing of the value of a constraint dimension in the properties bar.
  • SR32005 CONSTRAINTS: Constraint dimension edit box now shows the text representation of the measurement as per DIMLUNIT setting (e.g ft' in" format for architectural setting, etc).
  • SR32495: DISPLAY - apparent lineweight varied depending on the inclination of lines.
  • SR32539: Display of MBCS characters: of the character is not found in main font, then bigfont is used. Now default '?' is shown instead.
  • SR32571: CUI - fixed a problem with CUI files generated from MNU: adding a partial menu file to these CUI files would fail
  • SR32580: _BHATCH command ignored hatch pattern angle for user-defined hatch patterns.
  • SR32673: 2D CONSTRAINTS - User can add constraints in modelspace +/ paperspaces, and only the glyphs in active layout will be shown.
  • SR32777:TEXT ALIGNMENT - bounding box calculation of 2-byte SHX character glyphs ignored leading and trailing white space, leading to incorrect text alignment of Japanese text.
  • SR32797: fixed removal of background mask via mtext editor dialog.
  • SR32882: Field dialog: entity property fields on dimension objects showed "AssociativeHatch" identifier string instead of "Associative"
  • SR32919: Mtext entity disappeared after editing it with mtext editor when drawing had several space viewports with various shademodes.
  • SR32833: 2D CONSTRAINTS - Autoconstrain was not working for splines.
  • SR33000: 2D CONSTRAINTS - 2d constraints now update automatically when an entity is changed using the properties bar.
  • SR33002: Fixed regression in attribute editor, AltGR+z (control+alt+z) was interpreted as undo, where this key sequence might be needed in certain international keyboard maps, such as Polish Programmers.
  • SR33038: MTEXT - fixed crash when multiparagraph mtext is opened with mtext editor.
  • SR33081: INSERT - Command INSERT did not accept DXF filenames for inserting, example : (command "_insert" "c:/symbol.dxf" "0,0" 1 1 0). Regression introduced with V12.1.9.
  • SR33047: The strings on the rightmost panel of the open file dialog were not translatable anymore since V12.1.5. This is fixed.


  • SR25797 SR26675 SR25886: APIs (Lisp/SDS/BRX) - added support for ":E" mode in ssGet() functions
  • SR28146 - LISP: entmake behavior changed: if entmake can load pattern by name it ignores pattern definition passed to entmake
  • SR28731: APIs (Lisp/SDS/BRX) - added support for undocumented ":L" option for ssGet() mode strings, like (ssget ":L") or (ssget ":L:S"); :L excludes entities on locked layers from selection
  • SR28731 SR32782 APIs (Lisp/SDS/BRX) : added support for "." option for ssGet() mode strings, like ""+.:S"".
  • SR32508 _ DCL: if a text component has no initial value or width and if it appears in the same row with a text component that does have an initial value or width, the text with initial value or width will steal layout space from the other text component. If set_tile was used to change the value of such a text component, the value did not fit as expected. This has been fixed by updating the layout of the parent row if the text component is too narrow to fit the value specified in set_tile.
  • SR32553: COM - fixed COM query functions for Regions - the Property functions "Centroid", "MomentOfInertia", "PrincipalDirections", "PrincipalMoments", "ProductOfInertia", "RadiiOfGyration" could fail and return an error status (sporadically).
  • SR32554: COM - fixed a problem when starting Bricscad via COM - it was not possible to start multiple Bricscad sessions, only 1 session could be started.
  • SR32850 - LISP : fixed 2 issues in (atoms-family) - sometimes, local variables from unrelated scopes were reported, and using (atoms-family 1 items) syntax caused to temporarily create the objects from "items" as symbols again, included in result list;
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