SolidCAM India at INTEC 2012 Trade Fair, Coimbatore


SolidCAM India participated at INTEC 2012, an Industrial ITPO (India Trade Promotion Organization) trade fair, held at Coimbatore, Tamilnadu, INDIA. The exhibition included more than 500 exhibitors and 200 product categories - over 100,000 visitors visited the fair.

Always crowded SolidCAM Booth at INTEC 2012

SolidCAM was the only integrated CAM solution at the exhibition, presenting our latest developments in SolidCAM 2011 and the new revolutionary iMachining technology.  INTECH 2012 provided SolidCAM with the opportunity to showcase SolidCAM + iMachining,  to over 200 vendors and decision makers, from major sectors such as General Engineering, Textile machinery, Automobile component Mfg, Foundry, Castings, Motors, Pumps, Industrial plastics, process equipments and etc.   

The exhibition was a great experience for all visitors who were deeply impressed  by the revolutionary iMachining technology, with its immense savings in machining time and cutting tool life. SolidCAM attracted much attention from some of the major machine tool & cutting tool vendors who are potential to become our OEM Partners in Coimbatore. SolidCAM India was also invited by many prospects to showcase iMachining for their respective applications.

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