Web based file processing - analyze, check and repair your STLs


The netfabb Cloud Services offer a free and easy-to-use solution for anyone with access to an internet connection and a web browser. netfabb Cloud Services works for multiple platforms and operation systems including Windows, Linux and Mac OS. 

While three dimensional printing is becoming more and more popular, creating valid input files is not the easiest task. This website is dedicated to anybody who

  • has the need to analyze STL files for errors and buildability
  • struggles with uploading STL file to a 3D printing service
  • has the need to get a quick automatic repair STL files for any other purpose

.. but is missing time and software for proceeding. netfabb Cloud Services extend the repair functionalities of the free netfabb Studio Basic software in an 
easy to use way. 

More about netfabb Cloud Services

Terms and conditions:

  • You guarantee to own the full intellectual property rights on the uploaded data.
  • You grant netfabb a license for storing and processing the uploaded data in the chosen way.
  • netfabb will keep the uploaded data for 8 days for insight, and will delete all information within 24 hours after this time.
  • Access to the uploaded files is granted by a URL sent back by mail. This is an easy-to-use method but not 100% secure. If your files are too secret to risk that - do not upload them at all. netfabb can not be made responsible for any spread of data on that way.
  • Using this service subscribes to netfabb's newsletter. While you may of course unsubscribe anytime, we think this is a fair share for offering server capacity.
  • The service is provided as it is, because we think it could be useful. We can not give any warranty or take liability from netfabb's side. Please check the results for your needs and send us feedback