SolidACE to showcase BuiltWorks at SolidWorks World 2012


SolidACE, a company developing computer aided design and engineering tools within the SolidWorks® CAD environment for AEC and plant engineering markets, today announced that it will demonstrate BuiltWorks, the structural steel design and engineering add-in for SolidWorks, at 14th annual SolidWorks World 2012 Conference, being held from February 12-15, 2012 at the San Diego Convention Center in San Diego, California, USA. Show attendees will learn how unique BuiltWorks features are suitable for Building and Plant Design, explore new and improved AEC Industry Interoperability formats for SolidWorks, discuss the issues they are facing in structural design and find the answers how they can solve them.


As a SolidWorks Solution Partner, SolidACE is targeting to serve SolidWorks users by extending the existing native SolidWorks functionality so that mechanical part of building design could be based on realistic building structures, whenever it is required. BuiltWorks data interoperability features allow to perform the adjustment of the building structure fulfilling the requirements of equipment placement, prove the stability of the structures by linking to CAE systems (structural analysis), and automatically updating the model, based on analysis results, export the developed steel structure to high-end structural design and detailing systems for preparation of the manufacturing data.

“The main purpose of BuiltWorks is – to enable the SolidWorks users to prepare the general arrangement models of AEC and Plant structures with basic level of detailing using the typical structural design rules and features of steel materials,” said CEO of SolidACE Dr. Vladimir Popov. “With a range of AEC industry specific translators (CIS/2, SDNF, OpenSTAAD), BuiltWorks makes SolidWorks a kind of data-centric solution in Building or Plant design workflow, shortening the project throughput time, enhancing productivity and increasing profitability and the accuracy of results using SolidWorks as the professional structural framework”.