mobilePDM V 2.0 for Dassault SolidWorks Enterprise PDM


mobilePDM, provider of mobile solutions for the enterprise applications is proud to announce immediate availability of mobilePDM V 2.0 for Dassault SolidWorks Enterprise PDM.


Thanks to the feedback from customers and partners, mobilePDM brings exciting enhancements to make the mobile experience efficient, intuitive and unique. These enhancements include the following topics

Extensive file support: mobilePDM can now enjoy being able to view content of their Office documents (Excel, PowerPoint, Word), Multimedia File (Video, Audio) that are saved in their enterprise PDM Vault

Support of Third Parties Apps for consulting engineering documents:mobilePDM V2 enables to view specific Engineering file formats such 2D (DXF, DWG) or 3D such as STL with a variety of third party apps

Offline Storage: It is now possible to access securely all browsed and preferred data while connection to server is not available

Collaboration: mobilePDM users with rights are now able to approve or change workflow status on their objects while on the go

As a result, product development teams can now experience on a mobile device, the same level of completeness as their Desktop solutions when working with their critical product data.

With mobilePDM V2.0, product development teams can experience additional productivity and streamlined collaboration through anytime, anywhere access

To test drive your version of mobilePDM V2.0 for your iPhone.iPad, or iTouch; Please download your version from the Apple AppStore.