Bricscad (Windows) releases version 12.1.19

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  • PictureExportScale is a new user preference setting that allows to scale the view size used for export to picture formats (WMF, EMF, BMP). In other words: it allows to control the resolution. Following operations apply the setting: EXPORT, WMFOUT, COPYCLIP, CUTCLIP, AcadDocument.Export (COM method).


  • MODELING: 10% overall modeling performance improvement due to optimization of conversions.
  • SR31087 - PROPERTIES BAR: to avoid confusion, text controls for read-only properties no longer get the focus.
  • SR32798 - PEDIT: JOIN option now displays the number of added segments.
  • SR32907 - DIMENSIONS: when specifying the location of a dimension, entering "0" is interpreted as: omit extension lines.
  • SR33363 - RASTER IMAGES: memory requirements for following image formats have been strongly reduced (typically by a factor 10) by applying on the fly compression: BMP, JPG, PCX, PNG, GIF, TGA, TIF.
  • SR33557 - TABLES: cell properties Width, Height, Text Rotation, Contents and Justification were added to the Properties Panel.


  • PERSPECTIVE VIEWS: grip size varied depending on view parameters, while it should remain constant.
  • RASTER IMAGES: images were rendered with half-a-pixel shift compared to their actual location.
  • TXTEXP: could generate malformed polylines with only a single vertex.
  • SR16484, SR33782 - BIND: Xref Bind command ignored the draworder.
  • SR24454 - HATCH: area calculation for hatches with nested loops was not correct.
  • SR28870 - COMMAND LINE: use of a relative path (e.g. ../mydrawing.dwg) on the command line was not supported and aborted the drawing load action.
  • SR30889 - GRIPS: after opening a context menu, grips undesirably were no longer shown for selected entities.
  • SR30951 - CONSTRAINTS: a crash occurred when editing a dimensional constraint value of a corrupt model.
  • SR31040, SR31470 - SOLIDEDIT: Body -> seParate placed the separated bodies on the default layer, while it should place them on the current layer instead.
  • SR31227 - PRINT: wrong scaling of non-continuous plot style linetypes with lineweights in range (0, 1.25], so they could seem continuous.
  • SR31298 - DIMANGULAR: in case DIMASSOC = 0, there was no prompt for a dimension text location after entering the dimension line location.
  • SR31451 - POLAR SNAP: the TEXT command did not support polar snapping during entering of height and rotation.
  • SR31580 - PRINTING: implemented lineweights support for Hidden render mode.
  • SR32092 - HATCH: boundary detection failed when a boundary contained elliptical arcs and/or splines with small gaps between their endpoints.
  • SR32143 - RASTER IMAGES: drawings containing large images could not, or only partially, be printed.
  • SR32417 - LAYERSTATES: layer visibility was not properly restored.
  • SR32606 - PERSPECTIVE: undesirable near-plane clipping occurred in hidden shademode.
  • SR32715 - VIEWPORTS: the size of automatically created viewports in new layouts has been adapted to 0.8 times the size of the printable area.
  • SR32891 - PAGE SETUP / PRINT DIALOG: "custom" scale should become "standard" only if both printed and drawing units are equal to a standard scale numerator and according denominator. If only ratios are equal, the scale should remain "custom".
  • SR32923 - PRINT: executing print-related operations while no printers are installed yet on a system could lead to program instability.
  • SR32932 - LEADERS: when a leader was in a viewport with a scale factor different from 1, and DIMSCALE = 0, the leader arrow was incorrectly scaled.
  • SR33063 - RASTER IMAGES: depending on the background color, an undesired frame-like border was drawn around an image as a side-effect of anti-aliasing.
    then if DIMTMOVE = 0 there should be no suggestion to position the dimension text,
    while if DIMTMOVE > 0 there should be no suggestion to position dimension text nor dimension line.
  • SR33128, SR33245, SR33480 - CONSTRAINTS: a crash occurred when loading drawings containing malformed constraint data.
  • SR33205 - PEDIT: after using the Fit option the Linetype-mode was switched OFF undesirably.
  • SR33393 - REFCLOSE/SAVE: failed with the xref attached to the request.
  • SR33398 - OBLIQUE TEXT: when applying an obliquing angle of 275 degrees to text it was displayed incorrectly.
  • SR33424 - PRINT: in localized versions that have no translation for the print command, it was not possible to execute the PRINT command.
  • SR33552 - FILE OPEN DIALOG: when double-clicking a drawing, that does not contain a preview bitmap, a crash occurred during the aborted preview generation.
  • SR33566 - REFEDIT: a crash occurred when ref-editing a block containing a large number of inserts (> 5000).
  • SR33592 - PEDIT: an exception occurred when replying 'NO' to the prompt "Convert into polyline?".
  • SR33593 - PEDIT: converting a circle into a polyline did not create a closed polyline.
  • SR33594 - PAGESETUP: malformed page setup geometry data is now fixed while loading a drawing, and the Model layout tab is shown in first position, regardless incorrect indices contained in the drawing.
  • SR33609 - PEDIT JOIN option: when nothing has been selected, the previous prompt should reappear.
    In localized versions
    • 'Apply selected Visual Style to current viewport' didn't work for the predefined Visual Styles
    • Setting a predefined Visual Style current by clicking in the 'Current' column failed.
    • Copy/Paste of predefined Visual Styles between drawings failed.
  • SR33644 - LAYER EXPLORER: when adding a new layer the first time, the focus was not set to the name of the new layer.
  • SR33732, SR33756 - PURGE: PURGE/ALL deleted the "ACAD" registered application, which made it impossible to save the drawing as pre-2007 DXF/DWG formats. Also avoided purging of standard styles.

Application Development

  • SR25925 - LISP: when non-erased entities located on erased layouts were to be highlighted/unhighlighted, a Fatal Error exception occurred.
  • SR26146 - BRX: implemented "modelessOperationWillStart" and "modelessOperationEnded" events for editor reactor.
  • SR26308 - LISP: when ESCAPE key was used repeatedly e.g. to cancel (alert) message boxes, or on user input, pending ESCAPE key events could accidentally cancel running Lisp code.
  • SR26715 - COM: method .AddLeader() created not-correctly-associated Leaders and MTexts, which led to wrong Leader geometry and display.
  • SR30268, SR33179, SR33077, SR33446, SR33676 - COM: when IAcadUtility::GetEntity() was answered with empty input, the application could hang.
  • SR32322, SR33847 - CLONING: DeepClone of object relations was uncomplete for kDcInsert event, leading to database corruption.
  • SR32399 - LISP DCL: out-of-sync condition of the Lisp DCL dialog counter led to a situation where user-input functions stopped responding after DCL dialogs were used.
  • SR32946 - .NET: implemented method void Database.Wblock(Database, ObjectIdCollection , Point3d , DuplicateRecordCloning)
  • SR33106 - PROPERTIES PANEL: IDynamicProperty fix.
  • SR33122 - LISP, COM : improved error reporting for (vlax-get/put-property), (vlax-invoke-method), (vla-get/put-), (vla-). The COM server is now used to display a human-readable error description to ease trouble shooting.
  • SR33273 - XREF: 3D objects were not displayed when xreffed, due to huge Z coordinates (1e+29)
  • SR33351 - BRX: commands registered with ACRX_CMD_NOHISTORY flag were added to the command history - they should not.
  • SR33354 - BRX : getOsnapPoints() was not called on custom entities directly derived from built-in native entities like Point, Line, Polyline, ...
  • SR33411 - COM: in a rotated UCS, CAcadBlock::AddText() created incorrectly rotated text.
  • SR33486 - SDS/BRX: acrxEntryPoint(kLoadDwgMsg) call was sent too early (before dwg document is fully initialised), therefore calling SDS + BRX API's could fail.
  • SR33509 - LISP DCL: tile keys mistakenly were treated as case-insensitive, but should be handled case-sensitive instead.
  • SR33543 - LASTPOINT: the FROM command modifier's Base point option didn't update the LASTPOINT sysvar. As a consequence [Ac|Od]EdJig::acquirePoint(point) worked with wrong base point.
  • SR33545 - CMDECHO: some commandline messages were not suppressed when CMDECHO = 0.
  • SR33551 - DEVELOPMENT: assert messages could pop up in release mode in flyoversnap.dll
  • SR33571 - LISP: (getvar "_pkser") now returns the Bricscad license key to enhance software-licensing for Lisp applications.
  • SR33578 - BRX: fixed crash and graphics update problem for AcDbBlockTableRecord::assumeOwnershipOf()
  • SR33653 - GRIP EDIT: after grip editing of custom entities , 1011 XData went missing or became incorrect.
  • SR33745 - COM: when adding a new block to the blocks collection, while a block with the specified name already existed, the existing block definition was not erased and replaced.
  • SR33750 - ASSOCIATIVE DIMENSIONS: aligned dimensions with perpendicular snap from a nearest snap point, were incorrectly copied. (regression since V12)
  • SR33824 - LISP REACTORS: implemented following events for vlr-editor-reactor 
    • :vlr-beginClose
    • :vlr-beginDxfIn
    • :vlr-abortDxfIn
    • :vlr-dxfInComplete
    • :vlr-beginDxfOut
    • :vlr-abortDxfOut
    • :vlr-dxfOutComplete
    • :vlr-databaseToBeDestroyed
    • :vlr-lispEnded
    • :vlr-lispCancelled
  • SR33849 - INPUT POINT MONITOR: after removing the input point monitor the helper graphics were not undrawn.
  • SR33852 - CONTEXT MENU: a crash occurred after checking and unchecking a context menu item.
  • SR33861 - LISP: fixed a problem reading strings from file containing 0x0 characters. Similar problem has been fixed for (vl-string->list), which also failed on strings containing 0x0 character(s).
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