Bricscad (Windows) releases Version 12.1.20


Bricscad (Windows) releases Version 12.1.20


  • SR33900 - PAN: reduced time lag at the start of a pan operation when using buffered pan.


  • SELECT: in localized versions the selection mechanism was broken.
  • SR33671 - DIMENSIONS: dimension style settings DIMCLRD, DIMCLRE, DIMCLRT were not obeyed (regression since V12.1.6.)
  • SR33945 - PERSPECTIVE: hidden line calculation failed in perspective mode in user provided drawing.

Application Development

  • SR33960 - LISP SDS BRX: fixed incorrect calculation of xdsize().
  • SR33957 - LISP SDS BRX : (entdel) / sds_entdel() / acedEntDel() must not erase entity names of "current" or "active" table entries like current layer, linetype, ucs, textstyle, dimstyle.
  • SR33961 - LISP: precision of double values on Lisp "BlackBoard" was limited to 6, now it is 12 digits.
  • SR33956 - LISP: fixed typo in (ai_ssget) message.
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