NVIDIA GPUs Bring High Performance GPU Computing to New Dell PowerEdge Servers


NVIDIA today announced that its NVIDIA® Tesla™ GPUs will be featured, for the first time, on two Dell PowerEdge 12th generation rack and tower servers.


Dell designed the new GPU-enabled PowerEdge R720 and PowerEdge T620 servers to accelerate a wide range of computationally intensive, industry standard applications, including Mathworks MATLAB (for computational research) and SIMULIA Abaqus (for computer-aided engineering). In addition, the new servers combine the 512-core NVIDIA Tesla M2090 GPUs with the latest Intel Xeon E5/R CPUs based on the Sandy Bridge microarchitecture to accelerate a range ofscientific applications in fields such as life sciences, engineering, weather and climate, and others. 

"GPU computing is growing in demand and adoption based on its ability to provide a unique combination of ultra-high performance and energy efficiency," said Virginia Swink, executive director of Dell Server Solutions. "Integrating accelerator technologies in Dell's PowerEdge portfolio opens up new usage models, and extends our ability to deliver more cycles to a broader base of scientific and commercial users."

With the introduction of Dell's new PowerEdge R720 server, customers receive a fully integrated x86-based system with up to two NVIDIA Tesla GPUs. The new servers deliver massive amounts of additional computing performance in a small footprint for the most demanding workloads. 


Bolstering its desk-side and workgroup lineup, Dell's new PowerEdge T620 server is now available with up to four NVIDIA Tesla and/or NVIDIA Quadro® cards for design and structural analysis applications, including Autodesk 3ds Max and ANSYS Mechanical.

Tesla GPUs are massively parallel accelerators based on the NVIDIA CUDA® parallel computing platform. Tesla GPUs are designed from the ground up for high performance computing, computational science and supercomputing, delivering significantly higher performance than CPU-only systems for a range of scientific and commercial applications.

For more information about NVIDIA Tesla GPUs, visit the NVIDIA web site. To learn more about CUDA, visit the CUDA web site. For more NVIDIA news, company and product information, videos/images, and other information, visit the NVIDIA newsroom.

The new Dell PowerEdge R720 and T620 servers are available now from Dell and its channel partners. For more information, visit the Dell web site.

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