Vondle releases Release 09/03/2012


New features

  • New workflow viewer/editor: the workflow viewer/editor is completely rewritten in JavaScript. You no longer need Java to open workflows. You can choose which viewer to use in your profile.
  • Workflows can also copy documents.
  • When setting a reminder in calendar events, you can now select a fixed date.
  • When copying a selection of documents, you can choose to copy all revisions or just the current one.
  • The dashboard document overview is faster for projects with many document copies.


  • Some events were not shown in the calendar (e.g. when both start and end is 0:00).
  • After selecting a contact in the notification screen a letter disappeard on IE and Chrome.
  • Folder Access no longer shows the folders from the recycle bin at the end of the list.
  • The folder order is now correct when opening the full folder tree in Folder Access.
  • The JavaScript viewer is a bit faster by optimizing the number of file reads.
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