Bricscad (Windows) releases Version 12.1.22



  • SR32414, SR21112 - RASTER IMAGES: huge JPEG images can now be processed. E.g. an image containing 1 billion pixels requires less than 1 GB of memory.
  • SR33363 - RASTER IMAGES: performance for ECW and MrSID images has been improved significantly while memory use has been reduced.
  • MOST RECENTLY USED FILE LIST: increased the default NFILELIST value from 4 to 10, and increased the maximum value from 10 to 20.


  • BLOCK INSERTS: a block in a user-provided drawing could not be selected after switching to mspace, and it disappeared when zooming in. Regression since reducing the PAN time lag in V12.1.20.
  • SR30662, SR32455 - FIELDS: fixed formatting of decimal field values (lispvar, sysvar and objprop fields).
  • SR32884 - HATCH: an associative hatch got damaged after inserting the drawing containing this hatch.
  • SR33424 - LOCALIZATION: PRINT command didn't work in the Japanese version.
  • SR33535 - REDRAW: after thawing layers in a user-provided drawing, redraw was aborted by an uncaught exception.
  • SR33751 - OLE: fixed double-click editing of the OLE object to activate an EXCEL file.
  • SR33869 - CONSTRAINTS: drawing containing corrupt assocNetwork object could not be displayed.
  • SR33880 - DISPLAY: small TTF fonts, like e.g. Arial with text height 0.09 (on Linux) or 0.05 (Windows), were poorly displayed when using the OpenGl display device.
  • SR33939 - CONSTRAINTS: a crash occurred when using the right-click menu to delete constraints.
  • SR33990 - LOCALIZATION: strings labeling table cell text justification in Properties panel were not translatable.
  • SR33992 - FILLET/CHAMFER: failed for two 'almost' coplanar lines (with small tolerance like 1.0e-8).
  • SR33995 - POLAR SNAP: after executing commands which temporarily modify the current snap mode, polar snap state was lost.
  • SR34038 - TOLERANCE: wrong lineweight was applied to tolerance entities. Now LWDEFAULT is applied to text and symbols while LwByBlock is used for lines.
  • SR34042 - XREF/BIND: created a drawing with an invalid multi-line style name (such drawing crashes AutoCAD).
  • SR34051 - COPYCLIP: after copyclip from an active viewport, the viewport was drawn shifted. This regression was introduced in V12.1.20 with the increase of the export resolution of WMF.

Application Development

  • SR30608, SR32475 - BRX: AcDbRegion::createFromCurves() didn't work properly.
  • SR31921 - BRX: acedTrans() transformation into/from DCS was fixed.
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