More New features planned for LibreCAD 2.0.0


Following features are planned for LibreCAD-2.0.0:

  1. better spline and Bezier curve support;
  2. complete conic section support after adding of hyperbola and parabola entities;
  3. draw a circle/ellipse tangential to two selected circles/ellipses.

With these terrific features, LibreCAD is expected to work as a general geometry tool even for users who are not in the CAD field, while those features are extremely useful for CAD users as well.


Due to complexity of those exciting features, we call on interested developers to join our development team to further develop this lightweight and feature rich free software.

2.0.0_alpha3 is expected in next one or two weeks with many bug fixes since 2.0.0_alpha2. fparser has been removed from LibreCAD. From now on, LibreCAD depends on muParser ( ).


If you find a bug in LibreCAD, or simply want LibreCAD to do more, please talk to us on #librecad at freenode or file a feature request/bug report at our sourceforge trackers: